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Ice skating is more than just a fun activity — it’s an excellent way to get a full-body workout. When you have your own home ice rink, you can get a workout whenever you want one! The health benefits of ice skating at home are numerous and cover the full body — from head to toe. 

Keep reading to learn a few of the health benefits of ice skating at home!

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What are the health benefits of ice skating at home?

Ice skating in any location is a great way to stay in shape. When you opt for a synthetic ice rink at home, you’ll be able to fit your workout into your schedule much more easily.

With your own synthetic ice rink:

  • You can work out whenever you want
  • There is no hourly charge for ice time
  • You don’t have to share the ice
  • You don’t waste time driving to and from the rink

No matter where you decide to ice skate for your health, your whole body will reap the benefits. Here are just a few of the health benefits of ice skating.


Builds Strength

One health benefit of ice skating at home is building strength. 

When you ice skate, your entire body is engaged. This full-body engagement means almost all your muscles get strengthened. 

If you’re skilled enough to do jumps, you’ll also have to have enough muscle and strength to do them. And if you prioritize speed over aerials, you’ll still need muscles to push off the ice and gain momentum.

Most notably, ice skating strengthens the muscles and tendons in your ankles, feet, and legs.

This strength will improve your athletic performance in other activities, of course. It also makes your ankles and feet less prone to injury, whether from sports or just landing on your foot wrong.

No matter what you use the ice for, you’ll gain muscle strength all over your body — especially in the lower body.


Improves Balance

Remember learning to ice skate? When you’re first starting out, the hardest thing about ice skating is learning to balance your entire body weight on two thin blades. 

As you get the hang of it, you begin to engage your core muscles to keep you steady. A stronger core translates to better balance off the ice — in your other athletic activities and your daily life.

Better balance also leads to better posture and helps prevent injury in all parts of the body. As you age, good balance prevents you from falling as easily.

When your body is balanced, you avoid putting stress on any one part of your body. Instead, you’re evenly distributing your weight so that no one joint, muscle, or bone gets overworked.

close-up of ice skates on ice with friends and family ice skating together for fitness

Elevates Heart Rate & Gets Blood Pumping

If you ice skate for any length of time, you’ll notice your heart working harder to pump blood throughout your body. This cardiovascular workout builds a healthier heart, in addition to burning calories, of course. 

Cardiovascular health is crucial for overall health. Since you need to get your heart rate up regularly anyway, why not have fun ice skating while doing it? 

And one of the best things about ice skating for your health is that your friends and family members can join you! When you work out with people you care about, you’re more likely to stick to an exercise regimen. And it’s always more fun to get fit together!

When you’ve got an ice rink right at home, it’s even more fun to skate for your health. A public rink is often too crowded for you to reach top speed safely.

But when you’re the only person on your home rink, you can zip and zoom without worrying about dodging other skaters. This freedom translates to a more efficient workout!


Burns Calories

Another health benefit of ice skating at home is a caloric burn.

Just like any exercise that gets your blood pumping, ice skating burns calories. If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight, a good session on the ice can help you meet your goals.

It can vary with the intensity of the workout and the person’s size, but Harvard Medical School estimates a 155-pound person can burn 210-311 calories in a half-hour of ice skating.

And remember: the more often you skate, the more endurance you will build up. With your own home ice rink from KwikRink, you can skate as often as you’d like. You’ll graduate to longer skating sessions more quickly than you would in a public rink.

Young woman ice skating outdoors on a pond on a freezing winter day

Boosts Mental Health

Mental health is part of fitness too! Ice skating is a fun activity that will help relieve stress and improve your total wellness, in both your mind and body.

If you enjoy ice skating, taking the time to do something that brings a smile to your face translates to better overall mental health.

When you ice skate with other people, you also benefit from the social aspect. Sharing a fun activity with friends or loved ones is good for emotional wellbeing.

Even if you’re skating alone, the activity is a great way to clear your mind. You might notice your problems exit your thoughts when you focus on each ice skate gliding across the ice.

Watching yourself get better and better at skating can give you a self-confidence jolt, too. 

Humans take pleasure in seeing effort and dedication pay off. You’ll likely see big jumps in your skill after just a few weeks of ice skating. That success can be inspiring and motivating in all of your goal-setting endeavors!

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice to Start Ice Skating at Home

The experienced team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice is eager to help you create the at-home ice rink of your dreams. 

KwikRinkSynthetic Ice tiles are customizable for any space and size — and for any training goals that you may have in mind. The easy maintenance and durability mean you can spend more time on the ice and less time taking care of it.

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today to find out how easy and affordable it is to install a synthetic ice rink right at home.


young adults and teens playing ice hockey on a customized synthetic ice rink with nets, markings, and a basketball goal outdoors

Synthetic ice, or artificial ice, has been around for a couple of decades. With its invention, year-round skating is now as popular as ever. You can customize your synthetic ice rink to meet your ice project needs, with the designs and accessories that make it unique. 

There are many advantages to a synthetic ice rink, including increased ice speed and the ability to create the same skating experience as on weather ice, long life span, temperature regulation, and seamless surface. Synthetic ice rinks can also be both indoors or outdoors. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has installed hundreds of skating rinks at homes, businesses, and public places across five continents. They have developed a realistic ice surface for both recreational ice skaters and athletes. 

Whether your needs are for figure skating, hockey training, speed skating, or entertainment, KwikRink Synthetic Ice can be customized. Reach out to KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a free estimate for a home skating rink today. 

What does a customizable synthetic ice skating surface mean for you?

Seven Ways You Can Customize Your Synthetic Ice Skating Rink for Home Training or Professional Skating

customized synthetic ice rink deck with wood railings

Goals and Nets

No hockey rink is complete without hockey goals and nets. You may want two goals at the end of the arena to play or practice, just like regulation hockey. Another option may be to have one goal to practice your backyard game and sharpen your skills to aim at low spots. 

Goals include netting and pegs to hold the net in place so you can practice just as you are in a real game. No more hauling the goal from side to side or worrying about it moving with each practice shot. Simply put, it makes hockey practice convenient and realistic.  

Dasher Boards

Dasher boards are essential for keeping the puck in the rink. They are useful for figure skaters for spotting and stretching. 

Different options for dasher boards include shielding systems, edgeless options, and tempered glass or acrylic shielding. Appropriate glass and shielding allow for the reduction of injury when a player or skater hits the boards.

Aluminum dasher boards are an option and have been in the industry for decades. They are designed to withstand years of use and abuse. 

Shielding can be installed for the safety of the skaters. The good news is that there are various design options so you can customize your synthetic ice skating rink to your home or business’s needs. 

customized synthetic ice rink with ice markings and plexiglass

Colored Markings

Colored markings allow for better training with patented color-correct goalie creases, lines, and circles. Lines can be customized to the sport, whether it is hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling, or another form of ice sport. 

Logos and advertisements can also be added to add color and appeal to the ice, show support to your team, and support local businesses. Think about it: how amazing would it be to have a backyard hockey rink with your favorite NHL team or local high school mascot? It is possible with customizable colored markings. 

Shooting Tarps

Shooting tarps are a fantastic way to practice your shot. Skaters can practice aiming for the top shelf or the goal tender’s five-hole. You can shoot full force shots into the tarp without having to worry about breakage or causing injury. 

With shooting tarps, you can set up practice in a way that fits your needs. One important tip is to make sure the tarp is tight and secure. 

You can set up a pile of pucks so they are ready to go and within easy reach. You are then able to practice repeat shots on each of the target holes of the tarp. 

You can choose where to aim, whether it be high to the right, low to the left, vice versa, or somewhere in between. Continuous practice on shooting tarps leads to perfection during the game. 

backyard synthetic ice rink with nets and center line

Netting and Plexiglass

You can protect windows and walls with high-quality netting and plexiglass. The protection ensures that pucks stay in the rink rather than ending up in someone else’s backyard. 

It is never comfortable to ask your neighbor for stray pucks at the end of the season or have them knocking on your door to return a bucket full of pucks.

Protective netting is worth the investment. Players can take as many wrist shots and slap shots as they want, shooting as hard and high as they need to for good practice. 

Netting and plexiglass can be customizable to the size of your synthetic ice surface. It gives peace of mind to customize your synthetic ice rink with netting and plexiglass to protect your property and those nearby. 

Training Aids

Additional training aids are available to customize your synthetic ice rink. Training aids can help improve skating, puck handling, and shooting. Included are beginner skating push aids, passer training equipment, or stickhandling balls. All of the training aids are perfect for very young skaters or beginners to practice and enjoy the skating experience alongside those who are more advanced. 

customized synthetic ice rink with training gear and banners

Synthetic Ice Panels 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels are low maintenance and resilient. Their ice surface can last for over ten years. The patented system makes installation and teardown easy and quick. They are installed and taken apart, just like a jigsaw puzzle. 

The synthetic ice panels are adaptable. They are easy to construct and can be made to size. You can add on or reduce based on the needs of your skater or rink. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice continuously works to improve its synthetic ice panels. Their fourth generation synthetic surface now features 90% of real ice glides. You can be ensured you’re customizing your synthetic ice rink to mimic skating on real ice. 

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice Today

KwikRink Synthetic Ice are experts in the field. They service not only nationwide, but rinks across the world. 

Design an arena that is cool, unique, and serves the needs of your skaters. Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a free estimate, and they can help you customize the perfect rink that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. 


children play hockey on frozen pond outside

With so many recent innovations in synthetic ice technology, it’s natural to wonder how it feels to skate on “plastic ice.” There are many advantages to equipping your home or business with synthetic ice. With leading-edge materials and manufacturing, the skating “feel” of plastic ice has come a long way.

Though plastic ice won’t match the natural ice feel perfectly, synthetic ice offers many advantages that you cannot find skating on a sheet of frozen water.

We’ve assembled several useful tips for seamless transitions between skating on plastic and natural ice. Find out the advantages of getting customized plastic ice tiles for your home or commercial application. In doing so, you can supplement your natural ice skating experience to your benefit.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice is the leader in customized home and commercial synthetic ice rinks. Visit our website today for a free rink quote so you can skate year-round, any time you want.

What Is Plastic Ice?

Synthetic ice is a sheet or sheets of polyethylene plastic. This plastic is cut or molded to standard or custom tile sizes, with a variety of edges for assembly. 

Some tiles (like the ones KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers) have a “puzzle piece” assembly system. This system taps interlocking tiles in place with no additional tools. Other ice tile models feature dovetail, tongue-and-groove, or flush edges to join the tiles.

Since the 1960’s synthetic ice tiles have increased in popularity, due to innovations in plastics technology, like self-lubricating panels. KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles are all self-lubricating. 

By staying on top of the latest developments in synthetic ice technology, KwikRink provides the smoothest, fastest skating experience in a synthetic ice rink. These self-lubricating panels also lead to lower maintenance — there’s no need to periodically add topical lubricants to it.

Think of how hockey skates work on natural ice (gliding, turning, quick stops). You can see why such a feature as self-lubricating panels would be an easy choice for replicating a natural ice feel.

But How Does Plastic Ice Feel When I Skate on It?

In the highest quality plastic ice rinks, synthetic ice retains about 90% or more of natural ice glide. Of course, there are several criteria to keep in mind when shooting for the most authentic ice feel on your plastic rink:

  1. Quality materials matter. Buying the cheapest rink will NOT pay off in the long haul. The softer the tiles, the more shavings, and friction will build up in a short time. The best investment is to purchase the hardest, most resilient tiles you can afford and insist on a self-lubricating product.
  2. Sharpen your skate blades often. A sharp edge performs the best on synthetic ice, for gliding, stopping, and quick turns.
  3. Ensure a clean surface. Though KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles boast low maintenance requirements, you’ll still want to keep them clean before and after each use. You will need a cloth push-broom to clear away dust and dirt (especially on outdoor rinks). Additionally, a gentle cleaner to wipe down sweat or spills after each skate helps ensure a superior natural skating feel on your plastic rink.

hockey players in a hockey game on plastic ice with hockey sticks

How Can Plastic Ice Help Me Improve My Hockey Training?

All synthetic ice gives at least a hint of more friction than natural ice. By using plastic ice, you’ll develop some distinct training improvements when you practice regularly on plastic ice. Check it out:

  • Increased speed from pushing off more explosively on synthetic ice.
  • Increased cardio-vascular stamina and muscle endurance from working at slightly higher loads versus natural ice.
  • Enhanced maneuvering precision, direction changes, and stopping. This enhanced performance results from practicing in smaller spaces on synthetic ice (like in the basement or garage.)
  • Synthetic rink versatility leads to more practice time, which results in improved skills. (If you don’t have to wait for winter or reserve arena space to practice, you can work on hockey skills, drills, and scrimmages at any time.)

Other Comparisons to Consider

Playing hockey on plastic ice may also be different because you can customize the size of your rink.

For example, you might set up a small rink at home to work on shooting accuracy or footwork. Or, you could assemble an outdoor rink on a flat surface smaller than regulation size. This size is excellent for some one-on-one pick up games, or a neighborhood set-up for off-ice practice. Ice tiles may even come in handy for exercise at the office.

When deciding the rink you need, think carefully about what you’ll use it for the most. Also, consider what type of space you have available, and how your plastic ice can serve you the best.

ice hockey player in action with hockey pucks and sticks

Plastic Ice: The Clear Advantage for Hockey Players

Synthetic ice offers near-identical ice feel when you purchase a high-quality, self-lubricating system. If you keep the tiles clean and keep your blades sharp each time you skate, you’ll hardly see a difference. 

Further, synthetic ice tiles assemble and tear down in a snap (literally!) They can store away easily piled next to a wall for convenience and to promote effective use of space. When well-maintained, your tiles can last up to 10 years of hockey-skating excellence.

Plastic ice is not weather-dependent and doesn’t require the freezing systems used on indoor natural ice. You can customize your rink size for any function, space, or programming requirements.

Hockey players in every corner of the world can benefit from skating on plastic ice. Especially if you live in warm regions or places without access to indoor arena ice. For localities building their hockey programs from the ground up, synthetic ice can be a massive helping hand in promoting the best sport around (in our humble opinion).

ice hockey puck and sticks on ice with a view of hockey players' legs

KwikRink Is the Leader in Customized Plastic Ice Systems

For superior materials, custom sizing, and exemplary customer service, connect with the professionals at KwikRink Synthetic Ice. Our experienced rink-builders can help you select the products, size, and accessories that check every box on your hockey list.

We provide tool-free interlocking tiles with superior glide and resilience. We also offer top-of-the-line accessories to make your hockey rink everything you need and want. 

Stop by our website today for a free quote, and get skating this month!