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Synthetic ice rinks have been profitable for several business owners. They draw skaters looking for entertainment, practice, or the opportunity to show off their skills. If looking to start a synthetic ice rink business, there are a few factors to consider before moving forward with the project.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers quality synthetic ice for commercial and residential use. Our rinks can even be rented for special events and celebrations. You can even join the rent-to-buy program and decide to buy later if you find it is a successful venture! 

This article will cover what you need to consider for a synthetic ice rink business, including the best locations for your business.

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Start With a Plan

Develop a business plan for your synthetic ice rink business that paints a picture of how the business will look in the first few years of operation. The plan will give you the framework to develop the executive summary. 

Included should be market research on possible demand for the rink and those interested in utilizing the ice skating rink. Consider schools, community centers, parks, or churches that may be interested in working with you. 

Of course, you may be interested in a synthetic ice rink business for ice hockey or figure skating—research what artificial ice rinks have to offer over traditional ice rinks.

You will need to consider other skating programs and rinks in the community. What does the competition look like in the area? What do they offer? How can you offer something unique? Consider what some of the best synthetic ice training centers look like and why they are successful.

The executive summary will include your financial plan. There will be initial capital costs for the purchase of the rink and supplies, insurance costs, and fixed and variable costs regularly associated with maintenance of the rink or training facility. 

Consider Financing Your Synthetic Ice Rink Business

There are a few options for financing synthetic ice rinks and training facilities. Likely you will need to have some creativity and savings to get started. You may want to consider: 

  • A business line of credit
  • Personal savings
  • Crowdfunding
  • Small business loans

You will also need to develop a plan for revenue for your ice rink project. Think about:

  • Do you have a plan for revenue once the synthetic ice skating rink is open? 
  • How much will you charge for services at the rink? 
  • What does competitive pricing look like for other successful rinks? 
  • How can you network and develop relationships with people who may use the rink? (Think: skating clubs and hockey associations.)
  • What is the marketing plan for both online and offline? How will you utilize social media marketing and paid advertisements? 

The most successful business plans have a full year planned for their marketing and revenue forecasting. Include both best- and worst-case scenarios, including how you will navigate the unplanned. Preparation will yield the most successful outcomes.

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Decide on Location for Your Synthetic Ice Rink Business

One of the most important aspects of opening a synthetic ice rink business is deciding on a location. We have several suggestions that may increase profit for your ice rink project.

Find a Flat Surface

It is recommended to install synthetic ice rinks somewhere that offers flat terrain. No one wants to ice skate on an uneven surface. A flat surface will also make the installation of ice panels easy and quick.

Consider Traffic of Customers

Find a location that will draw in your target group. You may be looking to draw in families, athletes, children, or college students. Some considerations include shopping centers, parks, casinos, or health club facilities.

Accessible Parking

For a successful synthetic ice rink business, you will need to build somewhere people can park. Hockey players often have heavy equipment, so consider a flat lot and offer easy access to the rink. It is also ideal to consider access from highways and if it is a high-traffic area. 

Bathrooms and Changing Rooms 

Most city and state regulations will require bathroom access if you have a public, synthetic ice skating rink. If you decide you will use the rink for hockey training or figure skating, there will need to be changing rooms just like a conventional ice rink. Ideal locations may already have these facilities or offer space for you to build.

Activities for Non-Skaters

The ideal synthetic ice business will accommodate those who cannot skate, such as mothers caring for young children, disabled guests, or elderly individuals who support the young skaters in their lives. 

Preferably you should think of activities or entertainment for these individuals, so they are comfortable and enjoy the experience, too. Ideas can include game rooms, food and drink facilities, and waiting rooms with televisions. 

Area for Skate Sharpening and Rental Skates

Many real ice rinks have skate sharpening on site. It can be a way to generate revenue and keep customers happy by offering a convenient service. Skaters need a sharp skate blade no matter the surface they are skating on at your business!

A skate rental side business is another service that will accommodate many and maybe an investment to your synthetic ice business. Also, consider areas for sitting to put on skates and racks to keep skates and other accessories such as blade covers. 

The best locations will have areas for side services and the necessary amenities that keep ice skaters happy.

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Get Ready to Start Your Synthetic Ice Rink Business with KwikRink Synthetic Ice

KwikRink Synthetic ice can assist with your commercial synthetic ice business, regardless of climate and location. The customized lubricated plastic sheets are tailored to the size you desire for your business needs.

Our ice rinks offer what traditional ice rinks provide but cost much less than real ice and provide reduced maintenance. We have partnered with training facilities worldwide to provide the best in skating to professional and amateur athletes.

If you are ready to discuss a synthetic ice rink business to bring fun and fitness to your community, then contact us today!

Many athletes are concerned with the pandemic putting practice to a halt, and skaters are no exception. Not only are indoor rinks closed, but many outdoor rinks have delayed opening.

Now is a wonderful time to buy a home ice rink so you can continue the sport you love.

With advanced technologies in synthetic ice, it is now easier than ever to build a rink. Home or backyard ice rinks are easy to install and fun for family and friends.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice sells and installs high-quality synthetic ice products for both residential and commercial consumers. We also offer rental rinks for private parties or community events. Our ice is different as we use a 5th generation formula guaranteed to improve performance and speed.

If you are considering buying a home rink, we can give you 5 reasons why it’s time!

stressed out parent driving kids to hockey practice

1. It takes too long to drive to a rink.

The best reason to buy a home ice rink is your athlete can practice at any time. Skaters love the flexibility of practicing in the morning or evening, 7 days a week, without the worry of rink hours.

Parents love they do not have to drive skaters to a rink. It saves family time so that efforts can be dedicated to other activities in the home. It also cuts down on hours spent at the rink while the athlete is ice skating.

Play hockey, figure skate, or entertain on the ice at any time! It is sure to enhance your athlete’s ability so that they can perform at their very best.

2. You’re ready to level up your ice skating.

Of course, if you buy a home ice rink, your athlete has more time to practice skills. They can do drills or work on their routine, adding hours of practice every week. The improvement they will see is priceless.

It is also important to consider you can host impromptu hockey games and scrimmages for neighbors and friends. It allows coaches of future athletes to give back to youth in the area.

When you buy a home ice rink, you are not only providing a gift to the athlete in your home but to many other skaters who can benefit from additional practice. Best of all, you truly can install it anywhere you have room in the house, and to the size of your choosing.

ice skating in shorts and a tank top

3. You want to ice skate year round.

Synthetic ice is such a great product because it is easy to install and can be installed almost anywhere. Ice rink kits come with the panels and accessories you need to build indoors or outdoors. Many people choose to set up in basements, on garages, or even on decks.

If you buy a home ice rink through KwikRink Synthetic Ice, it will come with synthetic panels that easily fit together like puzzle pieces. No need for rink liners or wooden stakes, all you need is a rubber mallet to pound the panels together.

A bonus is climate and temperature are not factors with synthetic ice, unlike outdoor ice.

You can have a synthetic ice rink outdoors in the summer in Arizona, though that may put you at risk for dehydration!

However, it is a great bonus as many people love to practice once the temp warms up in the spring. As long as you have a flat surface, you can build your synthetic ice rink anywhere.

4. You think an ice skating rink is too much work.

The panels are easy to install and low maintenance. With traditional outdoor rinks, you need to worry about filling the rink with water, liners, and other supplies that can ruin your lawn. None of this is necessary when you buy a home rink with plastic ice.

A rink with water needs much upkeep. Shoveling, smoothing, and resurfacing can make it quite a headache. Synthetic panels may need snow removal; however, they only require a regular sweeping and occasional mop if indoors.

Customize rink kits to what you desire. Boards and plexiglass are not necessary with synthetic ice but can be added to assist in technique. Other accessories you can add to an artificial ice rink include:

  • Goalie creases
  • Face-off dots
  • Lines
  • Nets

The best part is you get to buy a home ice rink that is 90% of the glide of real ice so your athlete can gain speed, skill, and technique just as they would if practicing at a community indoor rink. But don’t use your home rink just for practice; use it for entertainment for all members of the family!

friends ice skating together

5. You have friends and family who would benefit, too.

Synthetic ice rinks are even installed on some cruise ships for entertainment! Many rent artificial rinks for events and parties. If you buy a home rink, you have access to use it to enjoy with guests at any time!

You might consider renting it out to others from time to time. Or perhaps allow another family to use it for their child’s birthday party! It can be a gift you can give to others who may not have access or the means to build a rink of their own.

A home ice rink can be a great way to exercise for all members of the family. Don’t install it just for the hockey player in your home. Strap on those skates and get great cardiovascular exercise at any time!

Now that you know why to buy a home ice rink make sure it is a worthwhile investment by purchasing from the best.

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KwikRink Synthetic Ice has been an industry leader for decades and is a business pro athletes trust!

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Not only do we offer synthetic panels, fencing, and boards but even skate sharpening tools and skate racks to stay organized! Customize it to your needs, so it works with your budget. Whatever you need, when you are ready, we have you covered!

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