Highly-realistic ice surface for competitive athletes and recreational skaters.

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KwikRink Synthetic Ice® has been providing homes and businesses with the best artificial ice since the mid-1990s. Competitive athletes and recreational skaters around the world skate on our durable synthetic ice tiles. Let us install a custom plastic ice rink for you and you’ll see why our product is a leading option in the synthetic ice industry. From a basement hockey rink to a backyard ice rink for recreation, our synthetic ice panels are perfect for everyday use and private events. If you are looking to build a hockey rink for a training center or install a community rental rink, look no further. Check out our newest product, KwikRink V, a fully lubricated panel without surface oil. These innovative 5th generation artificial ice sheets decrease drag and resistance.

All our products offer the following benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • 90% of real ice’s glide
  • Resilient for up to 10 years
  • No ice resurfacer required
  • Adaptable

Install fake ice and enjoy an indoor or outdoor ice rink in every season. Check out our service areas to get started.

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Why KwikRink Synthetic Ice?


EXPERIENCED: We've been involved in the synthetic ice business since the mid 1990s.


HIGH-TECH: We are constantly improving our product. Our 4th Generation surface features 90% of real ice's glide.


GLOBAL: KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can be found on 5 continents across the world.


DURABLE: Low-maintenance and resilient for up to 10 years.You can even park cars on it!


EASY: Our patented system makes installation and teardown as quick and easy as a jigsaw puzzle.


ADAPTABLE: A rink of any size is easy to construct and add onto.

often imitated,
never duplicated.

In addition to setting the industry pace for product performance as measured by speed and quickness, KwikRink Synthetic Ice® is extremely durable. Our product is built specifically to withstand the competitive nature of hockey and figure skaters, as well accommodating recreational skaters.

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"Don was very easy to work with, but just as important, extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of providing the synthetic ice size and configuration that would work for us–in Bermuda! No detail was left unattended, and we always felt that Don was accessible and friendly. We’re planning to expand the size and add skates in the future. We’ll be going back to Don and KwikRink!"

– Cher L. Przelomski, CSEP Vice-President, Planning Factory Bermuda

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common questions about KwikRink Synthetic Ice


How does KwikRink feel compared to real ice?

Our top product is about 90% of the speed of real ice.


Can I do a hockey stop?

Yes! you can practice any skill that you can perform on real ice.


Does temperature matter when it comes to skating on KwikRink?

No, temperature does not impact performance.


What is the life span of KwikRink?

3/8" thick = 7 to 10 years. 1/2" thick = 10 years+.


How do I install my KwikRink?

They fit together just like a puzzle. KwikRink's proprietary Lock-Rink assembly assures a virtually seamless surface.