Highly-realistic ice surface for competitive athletes and recreational skaters.

Austin, TX

KwikRink Synthetic Ice® installs plastic skating ice for your home rink, public rink, rental rink, or professional training centers in Austin, TX. Our synthetic ice panels offer a realistic artificial ice surface. KwikRink Ice is the most affordable and convenient alternative to natural ice. Install a training rink for your athlete or a rink for a winter wonderland in any climate. View the services we offer in Austin, TX:


Private rink installation is quick and easy with the KwikRink Synthetic Ice® Lock-Rink system. Our 4 x 8 ft. sheets of lubricated plastic ice fit together like a puzzle and accommodate any space. You can even park cars on the surface, add goalie creases, lines, face-off dots, and custom circles. Install a custom rink in your basement, garage, backyard, attic, or pole barn.


Add a new recreational resource in Austin, TX with KwikRink Synthetic Ice®. Install our artificial ice sheets for a more affordable and accessible option to ice time. Our experts can install a studio-sized artificial ice rink for your business or community. We work with instructors and cities to assemble a low-maintenance, realistic plastic rink. KwikRink Synthetic Ice® will meet the training needs of competitive athletes and provide endless fun for all to enjoy.


KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can provide you with a customized rental ice rink in Austin, TX. Rent artificial ice for holiday festivities, company parties, private celebrations, and annual festivals. Our rinks will delight all ages at city parks, schools, churches, and shopping centers.

We provide custom-sized synthetic ice rental with options for

  • Decorative fencing
  • Rental skates
  • Skate sharpeners
  • Rubber matting
  • On-site supervision and installation
  • Rent-to-buy programs

Kwikrink V

KwikRink V is our 5th generation formula, the most recent innovative synthetic ice in our ever-improving product line. Backwards skating and transitioning can cause resistance on most synthetic ice. KwikRink V reduces drag with lubricated panels that create a non-resistant glide. This formula is made of durable sheets with

  • A dry slip agent
  • No oily surface
  • No topical sprays required

To learn more, call us toll-free at (888) 275-2345. Fill out a contact form for more information on installing or renting KwikRink Synthetic Ice® for your home, business, or community organization in Austin, TX!

Why KwikRink Synthetic Ice?


EXPERIENCED: We've been involved in the synthetic ice business since the mid 1990s.


HIGH-TECH: We are constantly improving our product. Our 4th Generation surface features 90% of real ice's glide.


GLOBAL: KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can be found on 5 continents across the world.


DURABLE: Low-maintenance and resilient for up to 10 years.You can even park cars on it!


EASY: Our patented system makes installation and teardown as quick and easy as a jigsaw puzzle.


ADAPTABLE: A rink of any size is easy to construct and add onto.