people enjoying an ice skating rink business

Synthetic ice rinks have been profitable for several business owners. They draw skaters looking for entertainment, practice, or the opportunity to show off their skills. If looking to start a synthetic ice rink business, there are a few factors to consider before moving forward with the project. KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers quality synthetic ice for… ReadMore

Many athletes are concerned with the pandemic putting practice to a halt, and skaters are no exception. Not only are indoor rinks closed, but many outdoor rinks have delayed opening. Now is a wonderful time to buy a home ice rink so you can continue the sport you love. With advanced technologies in synthetic ice,… ReadMore

figure skater skating on an artificial ice skating rink with a beautiful view

Imagine your athlete walking right out to the backyard every evening to practice technique and skill. How awesome would it be to host the neighborhood scrimmage every weekend because you have the best backyard ice rink? Or perhaps you have a figure skater who would love the opportunity to practice their routine every evening, without… ReadMore

happy family ice skating on an artificial ice skating rink

When you were a child, you may have dreamed of having an ice skating rink in your backyard. With advancements in high-quality synthetic ice, this dream can now become a reality. However, you may question how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost?  KwikRink Synthetic Ice can help you build a customized rink in… ReadMore

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You know that you can take your business to the next level with an affordable ice rink. But how do you afford to install a synthetic ice rink in your business? With KwikRink’s rent-to-own program, of course. The team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice believes ice time is any time and should be available to everyone…. ReadMore

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Whether you are serious about figure skating, or a budding ice hockey star, your first step onto the ice is very unlikely to be your last. Ice skating is an addictive sport that gets the blood pumping, the body moving, and your skills continually growing. An ice skating rink indoor space is a perfect chance… ReadMore

hockey goalie playing on synthetic ice

When it comes to hockey, it is not necessarily the time you put into hockey practice, but the effort you put into the craft. To give your best at all times, you need a quality surface that allows you to excel in skill practice without added barriers. So what’s the best synthetic ice for hockey? … ReadMore

young man in ice skates having fun falling down on a synthetic skating rink

Synthetic skating rinks have been all the rage with winter enthusiasts around the world in recent years. They offer relief from paying for time on the ice, or going when time is available at a traditional rink. Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today for a free consultation for your synthetic rink.  Our rinks allow you a… ReadMore

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