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What is the ideal size for synthetic ice panels? As the saying goes, “the bigger, the better”. “Bigger” panels certainly have the disadvantage of being less convenient than smaller panels when it comes to shipping and receiving. From a purely functional standpoint, however, a bigger sized panel is much better for several reasons.

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, our default panel is a whopping 8′ x 4′ size .Many other companies are selling panels as small as 1.5′ x 1.5′! These are great for shipping, but the advantages stop there. Below are 4 reasons why bigger synthetic ice tiles are the way to go!

1. Larger synthetic ice panels make for less seams in the surface.

While smaller panels are easier to move around, they also will have substantially more seams when the panels are connected. This simply leaves a lot more opportunity for things to go wrong in a synthetic ice rink.

2. Larger synthetic ice panels provide more forgiveness when a substrate is flawed.

Most sub-floors are not perfect. The smaller the synthetic ice tiles are, the less “forgiveness” they provide in a flawed substrate. Aside from the extra seams, this leaves the panels much more likely to have seams that lip up. This is a problem that can stop pucks and trip skaters. In short, the larger size synthetic ice panels are able to cover up substrate flaws much better than smaller panels.

3. Larger synthetic ice panels allow for a quicker installation.

This one is a bit obvious, but having to connect less panels makes doing an installation much faster. These panels will not be as easy to move around as the smaller ones, but connecting one KwikRink synthetic ice panel to another is comparable to connecting up to 16 smaller panels from a different supplier.

4. Larger synthetic ice panels offer the best bang for your buck.

Bigger synthetic ice panels will provide the best value for your money. Most competing brands that offer the smaller panels, are doing so for shipping and convenience of mobility to the consumer. Although these aren’t bad reasons, consumers are left with even less panel for their dollar due to the desire to cut overhead costs and oblige to various shipping restrictions. This is also why you often will see “Free Shipping” for the smaller panels. It is not really free, but built into the cost, as they are vastly overpriced for what is received.