children play hockey on frozen pond outside

With so many recent innovations in synthetic ice technology, it’s natural to wonder how it feels to skate on “plastic ice.” There are many advantages to equipping your home or business with synthetic ice. With leading-edge materials and manufacturing, the skating “feel” of plastic ice has come a long way. Though plastic ice won’t match… ReadMore

people playing on a curling rink

Curling is one of the oldest sports still played today. A winter staple in many countries, it is played on a curling rink and has four players per team. Curling may also be one of the only sports that uses a broom throughout the game. Practicing and playing ice curling on natural ice is ideal,… ReadMore

old skates hanging on a ladder

So it’s time: Time to buy new ice skates! Whether it’s a new pair because you wore out your old pair or this is your first pair ever, buying your own ice skates requires you to consider some things before taking the plunge. Keep reading for a list of questions you’ll want to ask yourself… ReadMore

  Whether you’re the teacher or the student, lessons on how to ice skate don’t need to be difficult. Skating is an all-ages family activity, and even young children can begin to learn early. If you want to practice at home, install a Kwik Rink home ice rink in your basement, backyard, or garage. Why… ReadMore