If you are going to start participating in the oh so fun sport of curling, make sure you don’t let the skip take over for the lead and throw a burning rock for a blank end before you all take part in some broomstacking. If you didn’t understand any of that, don’t worry, KwikRink Synthetic… ReadMore

Outdoor synthetic ice rink

The popularity of various ice sports, such as hockey and figure skating, is increasing around the globe. Increasing popularity means a higher demand for practice ice space and therefore, potential mobile ice skating rink business opportunities such as: Hockey training centers Figure skating training centers Entertainment/recreation venues However, ice space traditionally requires just that —… ReadMore


Are you one of those people or organizations who think year-round ice is the ultimate paradise? Then you’ll enjoy what we have to share about creating portable skating places. Think “pop-up” skating rink, if you will. It’s possible, convenient, enjoyable, functional, and affordable. Plan your next game, practice, or special event with KwikRink Synthetic Ice… ReadMore

What is the ideal size for synthetic ice panels? As the saying goes, “the bigger, the better” in most cases. “Bigger” panels certainly have the disadvantage of being less convenient than smaller panels when it comes to shipping and receiving. From a purely functional standpoint, however, a bigger-sized panel tends to be a much better… ReadMore