What is the ideal size for synthetic ice panels? As the saying goes, “the bigger, the better” in most cases. “Bigger” panels certainly have the disadvantage of being less convenient than smaller panels when it comes to shipping and receiving. From a purely functional standpoint, however, a bigger-sized panel tends to be a much better… ReadMore

A hockey skate and a figure skate on the best synthetic ice

What is the best synthetic ice? The market is flooded with so many options for artificial ice. It’s a tough world for consumers, as you are generally needing to make a costly investment in a surface before trying it out.  The below points outline some of the things to look for in a synthetic ice… ReadMore

KwikRink Maple Leafs Custom Training Area

Synthetic ice layouts are extremely important, as each client has different needs. We will touch on “panel loss” vs. exact customization in this blog. KwikRink Synthetic Ice is here and happy to determine our clients’ best route for installing a synthetic ice rink with their goals and budget in mind. Call us if you have… ReadMore

KwikRink has officially released its 5th generation formula. We call our latest formula, KwikRink V (KwikRink 5). This new formula has a dry slip agent throughout the panel, and requires no topical sprays or liquids. KwikRink V will change the perceptions of current industry limitations. The most common consumer complaints in the industry have to do… ReadMore

The Hockey Headquarters synthetic ice rink built by KwikRink

You can find a beautiful synthetic ice facility in Sioux Falls, SD. The Hockey Headquarters did not hold anything back with their 76′ x 32′ size training rink (pictured below).  In front of the building is a full on hockey store, selling the latest and greatest skates and twigs to hit the market. The rink is located in the back, and is fully equipped with NHL style boards and glass.

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