figure skater skating on an artificial ice skating rink with a beautiful view

Imagine your athlete walking right out to the backyard every evening to practice technique and skill. How awesome would it be to host the neighborhood scrimmage every weekend because you have the best backyard ice rink? Or perhaps you have a figure skater who would love the opportunity to practice their routine every evening, without having to travel to skating rinks! 

It is now possible to build a rink at home without the hassle of flooding a space, waiting for winter, or needing to have a pond in the backyard. With KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels, you can build a customized rink to the size of your choosing. You can build inside or outside the home; the choice is yours! 

Many synthetic rink owners love outdoor ice skating, so they decide the best option is in their yard. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to build the best backyard ice rink. 

the best backyard ice rink on a deck

So You’re Building a Rink: What is the Ideal Spot? 

The first decision you will need to make when you build your backyard rink is where it will go. 

The most important factor is the slope of the yard. No yard is perfectly level, but if there is a significant slope, it will not be ideal for a synthetic ice rink. Generally, the slope can be no greater than 6 inches when building a home ice rink. 

If the slope is slight, there are options to make it feasible. Synthetic ice panels come in different thickness options, so you may vary based on the depth needed to level the rink. You can also add an underlay to accommodate the slope. 

Other suggestions if you are looking to build the best backyard ice rink include: 

  • Build in a spot where there is adequate lighting
  • Stay away from septic tanks and drain fields
  • If you have a rink with water, make sure there is a nearby water source

You will also need to consider the size of your yard. If you are building outdoors for ice skating, then the bigger the rink, the better. You will need space for hosting skating parties and backyard hockey games. 

However, budget and feasibility will factor into the size of the rink. Make sure to account for material as well when creating a budget. 

What Material is Necessary to Build the Best Backyard Ice Rink? 

Synthetic outdoor rinks are the best backyard ice rinks because they do not require much material. Often with building a rink that needs to be flooded, you must purchase liners, boards, and bracing. 

Synthetic rinks may require an underlay, but it is optional depending on the yard. It is helpful for slope or on grassy areas. Some backyard hockey rink owners build small, lifted decks specifically for outdoor synthetic rinks. 

Boards are likely necessary if you have an ice hockey player in the home. Backyard hockey rinks need boards to keep pucks contained, and they help keep players where they need to be- on the ice! 

You can make boards or purchase manufactured boards if your budget allows. Manufactured boards are high-quality and will last, but, of course, come with a cost. 

You can build a quality board with plywood (3/4″ is recommended), cut to the height you want for your outdoor ice skating rink if you prefer to make your own. 

best backyard ice rink with a fence around it

Plexiglass is also an optional ice rink product. It can be a great addition if you are hosting frequent scrimmages or seem to be losing several pucks during skills practice. If not plexiglass, then consider adding protective netting around the rink.

Additionally, some people install foam bumper caps to keep skaters from taking the full impact if they hit the boards. It is something to consider if you have more aggressive skaters using the rink. 

Most of these products are available from KwikRink Synthetic Ice when you purchase your artificial ice tiles. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you figure out which accessories you need.

Lighting is another option for an outdoor rink. Many people find work lights from the hardwood store work well for their backyard hockey rinks. Others enjoy string lights to create a more quaint ambiance when family and friends come over to enjoy the rink.

Truly the materials needed to build your best backyard ice rink depend on your unique requirements. But once you have it made, you will want to keep it maintained! 

How Do I Maintain My Backyard Outdoor Ice Rink?

If you live where there are four seasons, you will need to plan to remove snow from your rink. Investing in a tarp can offer some protection, but chances are you will need to snow blow and shovel from time to time. If there is only a light dusting, then use a broom to clean the rink’s surface. 

Try to clear off the rink as often as possible, as it becomes much more challenging if snow and ice accumulate. To keep it from sticking to your synthetic ice rink, use a tarp and shovel often. 

As you get the hang of maintenance, you may be ready to invest in some accessories for the rink! Since it is functional, it is time to make it enjoyable!

best backyard ice rink with a basketball goal and people playing ice hockey

What Are Some Creative Ideas for the Best Backyard Ice Rink?

There are several ideas for creating ambiance or adding spark to your outdoor rink. You may want to: 

  • Invest in an outdoor fireplace to put near the rink. Skaters will have a place to rest their feet and warm up their hands while drinking hot chocolate.
  • Add shooting tarps and goals or nets, of course, if you have a hockey player in the house.
  • You can add customized markings, including goalie creases, lines, face-off dots, and customized circles. Some people even add emblems of their favorite NHL team to the ice.
  • Romanticize the rink by adding artificial trees, fencing, or string lights around the outside of the rink.

Remember, you can always add accessories to your rink at a later time. The memories you create will be worth every investment you put into building the best backyard ice rink for your loved ones. 

Get a Quote from KwikRink and Be on Your Way to Building the Best Backyard Ice Rink

Our synthetic ice rinks are great for indoors but are amazing for the outdoors too! KwikRink Synthetic Ice will help you get everything set up, and we have the equipment you need to perfect your outdoor rink. 

Not only do we offer synthetic panels, fencing, and boards but even skate sharpening tools and skate racks! We also have rubber mats to keep your blades safe for areas around the ice. Whatever you need to build your best rink, we have you covered!

Contact us today to get a quote and be on your way to having the best rink in town!

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You know that you can take your business to the next level with an affordable ice rink. But how do you afford to install a synthetic ice rink in your business? With KwikRink’s rent-to-own program, of course.

The team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice believes ice time is any time and should be available to everyone. Contact us today to get a free rink quote and to explore our flexible, affordable ice rink rental options. We’ll see you on the (synthetic, go-anywhere, always functional) ice!

Why Choose Synthetic Ice For Your Affordable Ice Rink?

Synthetic ice makes the beloved winter activity of ice skating accessible to everyone in any climate. Young children can learn to skate. Older family members enjoy passing on the skills they’ve honed on our high-quality polymer ice tile surface. 

Plus, with synthetic ice rink kits, you don’t have to worry about ice-friendly outdoor conditions or an unduly short season. (Did we mention you also won’t increase your hot water bill or need to purchase a Zamboni? Sounds like a good business decision to us!)

indoor affordable ice rink

Natural Ice Bummers

A natural ice rink presents a few limitations for a business, often making it a cost-prohibitive choice for small companies. You must live in a colder climate for natural ice outdoor skating. You must dedicate a large area and significant maintenance costs to an indoor ice rink.

When your business relies on a natural ice rink, there’s frequent rearranging when the seasons change. This remodeling can get costly and annoying. Furthermore, “customer season” is usually limited to a few of the coldest months when your business features a natural ice rink.

On the other hand, customers will come to rely on the consistency of your synthetic ice rink. They’ll know they can skate any time of year and find the same reliable synthetic ice tiles they love! 

Synthetic Ice Tiles: High-Quality, Convenient, Resilient, Cost-Effective 

With the leading (ahem) edge technology of KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles, you recoup so many benefits. Here’s why our synthetic ice leads the pack for versatility and durability.

  1. Installation is literally a snap: KwikRink ice tiles install in minutes with no additional tools needed. The tiles come pre-cut in a puzzle design that interlocks each tile seamlessly and securely.
  2. Low maintenance wins the day: Keeping your ice tiles clean and free of debris makes for the most enjoyable, real-ice feeling experience. Dust the tiles when you assemble the rink prior to first use. When skating is over each day, run a large, soft broom over the tiles again. Use a non-abrasive spray cleaner for any spots of dirt, sweat, or grime.
    Following these two steps regularly will ensure a long tile life with superior glide without fail. KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles do not require any glide assisting solutions or lubricants. Maintenance is as simple as a regular quick sweep and periodic spot cleaning.
  3. The “real ice” feel is incomparable: KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles give you 90% of the glide you get with real ice. That’s about as close as you’ll get to the feel of actual ice.
    This realistic feel means skating on them is just as fun and carefree as skating on ice. Everyone will love the glide of our synthetic ice tiles — try them for yourself if you don’t believe us!
  4. You can rent to buy for your ice rink business: KwikRink Synthetic Ice is pleased to give ice rink businesses the opportunity to rent before buying. We’ll work directly with you to choose the right size and add-ons for you. And we’ll make sure you’re happy with your purchase while you’re renting.
    Once you’re convinced it’s the perfect fit for your ice rink business, you can purchase exactly what you need. This is perfect if you’re not sure you’re ready to add an affordable ice rink to your business. Try it out!

affordable indoor ice rink

Rent a Little, Or Rent A Lot

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we want to make sure anyone that wants to skate, can. To that end, our rental rinks are truly customizable to your needs. 

You can rent a rink of any size for a special event, program, or season, and then you’re all finished! We’ll tailor your rental commitment after a conversation about your ice-time goals and your space availability.

Rental rinks provide innovative entertainment, connection, and community. You can rent an affordable ice rink for home or commercial space. Add a little chill and novelty to your next:

  • Corporate event
  • Hotel
  • Community festival
  • Church social event
  • Amusement park
  • Backyard ice rink party


We include event-friendly options like rental skates, skate sharpeners, rink walls or gaits, rubber matting, and supervised installation. 

Our synthetic rinks work for indoor and outdoor spaces, so it’s possible to enjoy a safe, socially distanced outdoor gathering any time of year. Amp up the fun factor while playing it safe with a rental rink!

indoor ice rink rental business

We’ve Got You Covered

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we do more than ship you some ice tiles. We’ll help you get everything set up. We’ll also make sure you have all the equipment you need to make the best skating experience for your customers.

Additional options you can choose from when you rent an affordable ice rink for your business through KwikRink Synthetic Ice:

  • Synthetic ice (most popular sizes are 60’ x 40’ & 80’ x 60’)
  • Decorative fencing
  • Ice skates
  • Skate sharpener

You can also purchase rubber matting and skate racks through KwikRink Synthetic Ice. No matter your needs, we’ll work with you to make sure your ice skating business works for your customers.

Don’t Wait To Skate

KwikRink Synthetic Ice makes it easy to begin or continue skating. The weather, climate, or health and safety concerns in your region won’t slow you down. Renting a rink is a smart way to try the superior gliding surface of KwikRink synthetic ice tiles. 

Renting-to-buy is an excellent way to test our products before you commit to owning them. Once you install your rental rink, you can get a real-world feel for how much you’ll use it. (We’re confident you’ll love the superior glide and fun our products provide.)

Visit our website today to get a free rink quote. Discover how you can affordably create a personalized synthetic ice rink you’ll enjoy for many seasons to come.