figure skater skating on an artificial ice skating rink with a beautiful view

Imagine your athlete walking right out to the backyard every evening to practice technique and skill. How awesome would it be to host the neighborhood scrimmage every weekend because you have the best backyard ice rink? Or perhaps you have a figure skater who would love the opportunity to practice their routine every evening, without having to travel to skating rinks! 

It is now possible to build a rink at home without the hassle of flooding a space, waiting for winter, or needing to have a pond in the backyard. With KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels, you can build a customized rink to the size of your choosing. You can build inside or outside the home; the choice is yours! 

Many synthetic rink owners love outdoor ice skating, so they decide the best option is in their yard. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to build the best backyard ice rink. 

the best backyard ice rink on a deck

So You’re Building a Rink: What is the Ideal Spot? 

The first decision you will need to make when you build your backyard rink is where it will go. 

The most important factor is the slope of the yard. No yard is perfectly level, but if there is a significant slope, it will not be ideal for a synthetic ice rink. Generally, the slope can be no greater than 6 inches when building a home ice rink. 

If the slope is slight, there are options to make it feasible. Synthetic ice panels come in different thickness options, so you may vary based on the depth needed to level the rink. You can also add an underlay to accommodate the slope. 

Other suggestions if you are looking to build the best backyard ice rink include: 

  • Build in a spot where there is adequate lighting
  • Stay away from septic tanks and drain fields
  • If you have a rink with water, make sure there is a nearby water source

You will also need to consider the size of your yard. If you are building outdoors for ice skating, then the bigger the rink, the better. You will need space for hosting skating parties and backyard hockey games. 

However, budget and feasibility will factor into the size of the rink. Make sure to account for material as well when creating a budget. 

What Material is Necessary to Build the Best Backyard Ice Rink? 

Synthetic outdoor rinks are the best backyard ice rinks because they do not require much material. Often with building a rink that needs to be flooded, you must purchase liners, boards, and bracing. 

Synthetic rinks may require an underlay, but it is optional depending on the yard. It is helpful for slope or on grassy areas. Some backyard hockey rink owners build small, lifted decks specifically for outdoor synthetic rinks. 

Boards are likely necessary if you have an ice hockey player in the home. Backyard hockey rinks need boards to keep pucks contained, and they help keep players where they need to be- on the ice! 

You can make boards or purchase manufactured boards if your budget allows. Manufactured boards are high-quality and will last, but, of course, come with a cost. 

You can build a quality board with plywood (3/4″ is recommended), cut to the height you want for your outdoor ice skating rink if you prefer to make your own. 

best backyard ice rink with a fence around it

Plexiglass is also an optional ice rink product. It can be a great addition if you are hosting frequent scrimmages or seem to be losing several pucks during skills practice. If not plexiglass, then consider adding protective netting around the rink.

Additionally, some people install foam bumper caps to keep skaters from taking the full impact if they hit the boards. It is something to consider if you have more aggressive skaters using the rink. 

Most of these products are available from KwikRink Synthetic Ice when you purchase your artificial ice tiles. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you figure out which accessories you need.

Lighting is another option for an outdoor rink. Many people find work lights from the hardwood store work well for their backyard hockey rinks. Others enjoy string lights to create a more quaint ambiance when family and friends come over to enjoy the rink.

Truly the materials needed to build your best backyard ice rink depend on your unique requirements. But once you have it made, you will want to keep it maintained! 

How Do I Maintain My Backyard Outdoor Ice Rink?

If you live where there are four seasons, you will need to plan to remove snow from your rink. Investing in a tarp can offer some protection, but chances are you will need to snow blow and shovel from time to time. If there is only a light dusting, then use a broom to clean the rink’s surface. 

Try to clear off the rink as often as possible, as it becomes much more challenging if snow and ice accumulate. To keep it from sticking to your synthetic ice rink, use a tarp and shovel often. 

As you get the hang of maintenance, you may be ready to invest in some accessories for the rink! Since it is functional, it is time to make it enjoyable!

best backyard ice rink with a basketball goal and people playing ice hockey

What Are Some Creative Ideas for the Best Backyard Ice Rink?

There are several ideas for creating ambiance or adding spark to your outdoor rink. You may want to: 

  • Invest in an outdoor fireplace to put near the rink. Skaters will have a place to rest their feet and warm up their hands while drinking hot chocolate.
  • Add shooting tarps and goals or nets, of course, if you have a hockey player in the house.
  • You can add customized markings, including goalie creases, lines, face-off dots, and customized circles. Some people even add emblems of their favorite NHL team to the ice.
  • Romanticize the rink by adding artificial trees, fencing, or string lights around the outside of the rink.

Remember, you can always add accessories to your rink at a later time. The memories you create will be worth every investment you put into building the best backyard ice rink for your loved ones. 

Get a Quote from KwikRink and Be on Your Way to Building the Best Backyard Ice Rink

Our synthetic ice rinks are great for indoors but are amazing for the outdoors too! KwikRink Synthetic Ice will help you get everything set up, and we have the equipment you need to perfect your outdoor rink. 

Not only do we offer synthetic panels, fencing, and boards but even skate sharpening tools and skate racks! We also have rubber mats to keep your blades safe for areas around the ice. Whatever you need to build your best rink, we have you covered!

Contact us today to get a quote and be on your way to having the best rink in town!

happy family ice skating on an artificial ice skating rink

When you were a child, you may have dreamed of having an ice skating rink in your backyard. With advancements in high-quality synthetic ice, this dream can now become a reality. However, you may question how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost? 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice can help you build a customized rink in your home or public setting. We offer a range of options to fit your budget. Rinks are designed based on your needs, including space and athlete activity. 

We hope to put you at ease and answer your questions about how much a synthetic ice skating rink costs. If your questions aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom quote on the rink of your dreams!

woman contemplating how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost

The Cost Dilemma

Perhaps your children have been begging for a rink of their own on which to practice. The holidays or maybe a birthday is approaching, and you would love to give them a gift that offers endless entertainment. An artificial ice rink could provide the athlete with the ultimate skating experience, sky-rocketing their sport to the next level. 

When you consider the cost of a home ice rink, don’t forget to factor in out-of-pocket expenses that you now spend to support your child’s activity. You may note that installing a synthetic ice rink may off-set some of these expenses. 

Some expenses you may not have considered include:

  • Cost driving to and from the rink (gas, public transportation costs, vehicle maintenance, parking costs, etc.)
  • The price of ice time at arenas
  • Expenses for care for your other children while you’re away at the rink
  • Money spent on fast-food meals because you are short on time

Not to mention, there is the sacrifice of time when your child only has access to practice outside the home:

  • Countless hours at the rink while the child practices
  • Time spent in the car driving to and from the rink
  • The effort spent arranging rides and carpools

Many families who decide to install a synthetic ice surface in their home find a reduction in stress levels and more time spent with family, and the cost of the home rink pays for itself with time. 

Comparison to Outdoor Rinks

Perhaps there is a real ice surface near you for your child to practice ice skating. You may be hesitant to purchase a synthetic ice skating rink due to cost, plus they have access to skating outdoors. 

Did you know there are benefits to synthetic ice panels compared to real ice? Artificial ice rinks have come a long way since the first one opened in 1844

Many hockey players boast increased speed and precise maneuvering when they practice on synthetic ice panels. Players see the benefit of increased stamina and endurance after regular practice on synthetic ice panels. 

Figure skaters appreciate the precision in turns and loops when practicing on synthetic services. There is less risk of the blade catching on the ice, which can impact accuracy when practicing figure skating techniques. 

Of course, synthetic ice rinks are not seasonal compared to pond and community outdoor rinks. Your athlete can practice year-round. The benefit offers improved skill as the athlete has more time to practice, with easy accessibility. 

Your athlete can scrimmage, work on drills, or practice their routine anytime during the year, right at home!

children and parents ice skating

How Much a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Costs

How much a synthetic ice skating rink costs is truly up to you. Rinks are custom made and vary based on the number of tiles and if accessories such as dasher boards are added. 

Many find a small number of tiles are okay for athletes who use the rink to practice skating techniques and skills. A standard Olympic size rink is certainly not necessary for your home use! However, you may need a larger surface with more tiles if you have a speed skater or plan to use it for scrimmage ice hockey games. 

It is important to purchase quality synthetic ice tiles. These quality tiles will save you money over-time. Purchasing cheap synthetic ice tiles will not give your desired results in terms of quality surface. 

Benefits of a quality surface also include:

  • Increased use as it offers an ideal experience
  • Easy to install
  • Panels that fit together seamlessly
  • Smooth skating surface
  • Less friction
  • Longevity of product

If you are looking to reduce how much a synthetic ice skating rink costs, consider where you would like it installed. Many residential rink owners find a smaller space in the basement or the garage. You can even use a deck for a synthetic ice surface.

Of course, if you have space and a bit more in your budget, you may opt for a larger backyard rink. If you like, you can add accessories or reduce costs by opting out. You can always add accessories to your synthetic ice rink at a later time.

woman ice skating outdoors on a home ice skating rink

Another wonderful option for synthetic skating rinks is you can add to the size over time. You can start small and then build if the skater’s needs change or you find you have more in your budget. You can move the panels to different home locations if you want to go larger or smaller. 

It is also important to note that KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks demand no water or electricity to maintain. The panels are made of durable plastic, which is very easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about extra out of pocket utility expenses to support your home ice rink. 

Understand that synthetic ice rinks are a long term investment. Many families appreciate the convenience, entertainment, and eventual savings in cost and time by having a rink at home. It is a dream for athletes to be able to practice and skate anytime that they want. 

Synthetic Ice Rink Will Help You With Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Cost

We offer quotes and transparency to help you build a rink that meets your needs. Our ice panels come in different thickness options and various sizes, customized to your space and budget. 

Why KwikRink Synthetic Ice? We offer residential rink installment to help your athlete stay in shape and improve their skills. Aspiring and professional athletes across five continents use our synthetic panels. Our panels provide 90% glide of real ice, with no Zamboni required!

Contact us today to discuss the cost of getting a synthetic ice skating rink in your home!

happy family smiling having fun on an ice skating rink indoor

Whether you are serious about figure skating, or a budding ice hockey star, your first step onto the ice is very unlikely to be your last. Ice skating is an addictive sport that gets the blood pumping, the body moving, and your skills continually growing. An ice skating rink indoor space is a perfect chance to enjoy the freedom of skating, whenever the mood strikes you.

In some situations, it can be very tricky to access a rink on which to practice. Public skating hours may not necessarily align with your preferences, and skate rentals can be expensive. For those who skate all year round, there can be another issue: outdoor ice skating rinks can be less than pleasant in the winter months.

Whether skating indoors or outdoors, many skaters prioritize establishing a consistent and regular routine, allowing you to hone your skills. An ice skating rink indoor space offers the freedom to practice whenever the mood takes you, and regardless of bad outdoor weather. Here at KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we have all the information you need to take the plunge: ready for the ultimate ice skating rink indoor requirements!

ice skating rink indoor

Why Do I Need An Ice Skating Rink Indoors?

An indoor ice skating rink comes with a range of advantages for both experienced skaters and relative newbies.

Easy To Install

A synthetic ice rink is fast, inexpensive, and easy to install. While it may feel like a mammoth task, you could actually be up and running relatively quickly. This ice skating rink is an excellent choice for those who are looking to bring their love of the ice closer to home but with minimal stress.

Many synthetic indoor rinks can even be dismantled and stored as an added bonus when not in use. If you are limited on space, this can be a great option which allows you to skate and train when required. Enjoy the ice without the need for large properties or outdoor areas.

Cheap To Maintain

Unlike traditional rinks, an indoor synthetic rink is cost-effective. Outdoor rinks need water or electricity, and are quite noisy because expensive generators are required. KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks don’t require any of that! Once you have paid for the initial outlay, the rink will be easy to take care of — allowing you to focus on skating!

This synthetic ice option can also work out cheaper for those who skate regularly. Skating lessons and skate rentals can add up if you are visiting multiple times each week. Installing your own rink can actually save you money.

Skate In Any Weather

Moving your ice skating rink indoors allows you to make the most of your rink, no matter the conditions outside. Low, cold temperatures can harm your performance, which can be a disaster if you are training.

Moving your ice skating rink indoors allows you to really focus on your technique, drills, and practice. You can improve your form, rather than concentrating on desperately trying to keep warm!

Of course, this also works the other way round. Those in warmer climates may find that their slot for winter sports is relatively limited each year. Synthetic ice does not need to be temperature regulated, making it the perfect choice even for those in hotter climates.

An indoor rink can also be temperature controlled and designed to stay cool and atmospheric all year round. This adjustment means that you can continue to practice in realistic conditions. If you are a serious athlete or merely concerned about losing condition out of season, an indoor rink is essential.

ice skater holding ice skates on an indoor ice skating rink

Enjoy A Better Workout

Another benefit of synthetic ice comes from its composition. By its very nature, synthetic ice is not quite as smooth as its natural counterpart. This difference means that it offers a greater resistance against the blades of your skates, increasing the friction.

With KwikRink Synthetic Ice, you will be able to glide across the ice with 90% as much glide as real ice, but you will have to put in a little more work than skating on a surface made of real ice. As a result, your body is working harder, improving your workout quality, and building up strength. Over time, training on synthetic ice will help improve your overall body strength, improving your performance on real ice.

Having access to an indoor rink on a regular basis is, therefore, a great way to step your training up a notch. Used regularly, it can help boost your fitness and skills.

large ice skating rink indoor

Choose Your Specs

While a public ice arena will come in one size only, your own indoor rink can come in almost any size or dimension you prefer. You can choose the exact size and specifications, and this can be different for each skater. 

Figure skaters may need a long, wide space to complete a routine, while the local hockey league will need space for drills and games. By choosing the exact size you need, you can ensure that the rink is perfect for your practice.

Stand The Test Of Time

With KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks designed to last for up to 15 years, this is an investment you can rely on. Once you have found the initial cost, your indoor rink can prove to be a real cost-saver, which will last for years to come.

Why Choose KwikRink Synthetic Ice?

Here at KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we are the folks to talk to about all things ice-related. Our experienced team have worked with families, athletes, and skating fans from across the country. Over the years, we have helped a huge variety of skating fans to find their perfect rink — hockey skaters, figure skaters, and everything in between.

Get in touch with the team today, and see how we could help you find your perfect indoor rink. You will never be stuck and unable to skate again! Call us today and discover the convenience of your own indoor ice skating rink.

young man in ice skates having fun falling down on a synthetic skating rink

Synthetic skating rinks have been all the rage with winter enthusiasts around the world in recent years. They offer relief from paying for time on the ice, or going when time is available at a traditional rink. Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today for a free consultation for your synthetic rink. 

Our rinks allow you a chance to hone your skills and share quality time with your family on your terms — not to mention health benefits like a great cardio workout provided from skating.

We know that not everyone thinks of synthetic ice as being as exciting as we do. However, we hope to show why a rink is an absolute must-have for any ice skating or winter enthusiast. 

If you would like to learn more about synthetic ice rinks and customize your very own, contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today!

No Need to Cool Down

Winter sports can be quite restrictive with the time allotted for the season. This is especially true if you live in a warmer climate. There is definitely an offseason in that case. 

Unless you have access to the ice during the offseason, skaters can lose fundamental skills like skating or footwork. Having a rink in your home can prevent that skill loss, and may even help improve skills during the offseason.

young girl sitting on a synthetic ice skating rink

Synthetic ice does not have to be temperature regulated. Our synthetic ice panels can be placed in any climate because they do not require electricity or water. No increased electricity or water use is also great for the environment!

You can live in Florida and be practicing jumps or playing hockey with your family in August. Who wouldn’t want to say that in August they played hockey in Florida? 

If you have spent time in a traditional ice rink in an offseason, you know the pinch it puts on your wallet…not to mention the competition for time on the ice, which can be very inconvenient. 


It is as easy to install your very own rink as it is to get a consultation with us; both are just a click away.

Each rink comes in panels that snap together to create a seamless skating surface. This makes for easy installation and relocation if needed. If you have a flat surface, then we will gladly bring you a rink.

We have seen families have great fun in their basements, garages, barns, and yards, to name a few places.

Make it known that our product is not just for families or athletes. Synthetic ice rinks are a great addition for anyone that loves to skate and may be short on time. 

Not only can KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels be relocated, but they can be reconfigured too. Rinks are the ultimate winter playground for a family who loves to play on the ice. The possibilities are truly endless.

Because of this, each of our client’s synthetic ice rinks is genuinely unique to that client. 

To get an idea of what a rink would look like for you, visit our configuration tool on our website. We will take the information entered and get back to you promptly with a quote and more information.

young couple enjoying a holiday ice skating rink

Going Worldwide

We should take the time to mention that although we are located in the United States, we proudly deliver internationally. It really does not matter where you live; we are happy to serve you.

In fact, we have delivered synthetic ice rinks in five continents around the world. The Toronto Maple Leafs have installed a KwikRink Synthetic Ice rink in their facility for their use. 

If you have ever wanted to practice as they do in the NHL, a synthetic rink can be a huge item on your wishlist. Just imagine always having home-ice advantage!

Although a residential rink is not the NHL, the playtime spent on one can be invaluable. Especially for the children in your family. 

An essay from the Harvard Graduate School of Education mentions numerous benefits of play for kids. Obviously, exercise is always good, but emotionally it helps children grow too, which is a huge win.

Kids are not the only winners here. For those who want to have fun while having a great cardio session, skating is a great option. That is a definite win for the big kids or adults out there who love skating.

In a way, you can be investing in your own health both mentally and physically.

winter ice skating rink outdoors for your wishlist

In it For the Long Run

We take pride in making a product built to last for fifteen-plus years, which means a lot of memories, fun, practicing, and growing skills. It is also a decade of not checking a rink schedule, paying hourly fees, or waiting for the Zamboni to run.

Our panels may not be strong enough for a Zamboni, but they will withstand years of use.

In fact, our ice is durable enough to withstand figure skaters, hockey players, and that weekend race with dad. Each panel of synthetic ice is available in two sizes so you can choose the one best for you: four-by-eight feet panels a half-inch thick or four-by-four feet panels that are 3/8 inch thick. These panels can handle hours of skating, jumps, and hockey stops. In fact, you can park a car on our panels! (Just put a tarp down first to catch any oil or debris.)

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has been in the synthetic ice industry since the early 1990s and we are constantly evolving our product. Our industry-leading technology is a testament to our passion for a rink that would be on our own wishlist (if we didn’t already have one!).

Customers are encouraged to really make rinks their own with custom markings — goalie creases or faceoff dots, for instance. A wide variety of accessories are also offered to make your experience as personalized as possible. 

Dasher boards, shooting tarps, as well as netting and plexiglass, are a few of the accessories offered. Practice, play, and train in your own way and on your own time. That alone can place having a residential rink pretty high on a winter enthusiast’s wishlist.

Purchasing a synthetic ice rink can be a big commitment — a commitment to your health, your family’s fun, and many years of quality memories.

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today for a free consultation. We would love to help you mark this item off your list.

two young girls having fun playing ice skating games outdoor in winter

Ice skating is a fun activity for all ages! Of course, learning to ice skate can be challenging. Teaching kids using ice skating games can be fun, while the young ones improve their skating skills (these games might even be fun for the adults, too!)

You can play these games at a public rink, but with a synthetic ice rink, it’s much easier to skate anytime you want, with all your friends and family joining you. Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today to find out how a home ice skating rink can elevate your kids’ birthday parties or skating event — as well as provide a fun activity year-round.


Be Prepared for Fun!

  • If you’re going to be playing these games on an outdoor rink, don’t forget warmth. If it’s freezing outside, include gloves or mittens, hats, and scarves. You want to keep the focus on the fun, not the frigid temperatures!
  • If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor ice rink, then you don’t have to worry about getting cold. A synthetic ice rink from KwikRink can go in your basement, garage, or indoor gym so that you can skate year-round, no matter the weather.
  • If you’re going to a public rink, you’ll probably need to reserve the ice for a private party if you want to play ice skating games with kids. While some of them might be possible mingling with the guests at a large public ice rink, it will be difficult for children to fully engage in the games when they’re dodging other skaters. (Or worse, they won’t avoid the other skaters, and you’ll end up with a collision!)
  • If you have an ice rink at home, you can play these games any time you can round up enough willing skaters to join in the fun! You might need to set some ground rules or limit the number of skaters on the ice at once (depending on the size of your rink), but you’ll have much more freedom to let the good times roll!


6 Fun Ice Skating Games for Kids

Whether you have a whole hockey team of kids or just a few friends gathered together, there is an ice-skating game that will improve their skating moves while teaching them the fun of the ice.

Consider the kids’ age, skating skill, and interests (hockey? Figure skating?) and then select from the following games to keep them engaged and active all over the ice! 

Remember: you can increase or decrease the games’ competitiveness based on how you present them and encourage the children. You might decide your goal is for everyone to cross the finish line rather than crown a “winner.”


1. Red Light Green Light

Play this game just like you do without ice skates! Skaters line up at the start line while the Judge stands at the finish line. 

When the Judge says “green light,” all of the skaters’ race toward him or her; when the Judge says “red light,” all skaters must immediately stop on the ice as quickly as possible. The first skater to the finish line wins!

This game is a great way to teach young skaters how to stop quickly and restart quickly. You can add a rule that falling instead of stopping gets you disqualified to increase the difficulty level.

young child with ice skates sitting on ice smiling and having fun playing games

2. Duck Duck Goose

This game is another traditional children’s game that you can adapt to the ice rink. Have the skaters sit in a circle — except for whoever is “It.” 

The skater who is “It” should skate around the outside circle (behind the seated skaters’ backs). As “It” passes each seated skater, he or she should say “duck” and tap that skater on the shoulder.

Finally, “It” should tap a skater and say “Goose,” at which point the “Goose” must jump up and chase “It” around the circle. If the skater who is “It” gets back to “Goose’s” now-empty seat before “Goose” can catch him or her, “It” gets to join the seated skaters in the circle, and the “Goose” is the new “It.”

 If “It” is caught by the “Goose,” he or she must wait in the middle of the circle until someone else gets caught.

This game teaches young skaters to jump up quickly, pick up speed quickly, turn in a circle quickly, and stop on a dime. You can make it more attractive to children by replacing the terms “Duck” and “Goose” with other words. (For example, if they’re into Peppa Pig, you can play “Peppa Peppa George” instead; if they’re into Spongebob Squarepants, you can play “Patrick Patrick Squidward.”)


3. Tag

Another playground favorite that is perfect for the ice is “tag.” It is a great game to work on speed and changing directions. You can play virtually any version of tag that you can play on the ground as a kids’ ice skating game! Freeze tag, TV tag, and amoeba tag…these are great ways to let the kids blow off some steam with some relatively unstructured play. 

four young friends have fun ice skating at an outdoor rink

4. Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course for young skaters requires a little more preparation from you, but you can adapt it for almost any skill level — even advanced skaters! You can also incorporate elements of their favorite ice activity, like requiring them to take hockey shots or figure skating turns along the way.

Get creative here! Use pool noodles and hula hoops to set up objects for different challenges around the ice. The kids can skate to each station and complete the activity before coasting to the next one.

You can draw lines on the ice, too, creating mazes, twisty-turns, or mark the way to the next activity.


5. Freeze Skate

Remember the game Musical Chairs? This game is a version of that, and it’s a popular kids’ ice skating game!

Let everyone who is playing free skate around the rink while music plays. The Judge randomly stops the music, and the last player to “freeze” when the music stops is out. 

The Judge can then play the music; everyone will resume skating until the Judge stops the music. Repeat the process until only one skater is left standing.

small child in overalls learning to ice skate by playing ice skating games

6. Ice Words

The only prep-ahead work for this one is to write some ice skating related words on some slips of paper. Put the slips of paper into an ice skate.

Let the skaters take turns drawing a slip of paper out of the skate. Then, they skate on the ice, “writing” the word with their skates as they go. The rest of the skaters try to guess the word based on the motion of the skater’s feet. Whoever guesses the word gets to take the next turn writing with their skates.


The Fun Never Stops with a KwikRink Synthetic Ice Rink of Your Own

There are so many more ice skating games for kids and adults! Showing kids that skating can be fun is essential to instill in them a love for the sport. Playing fun games gives them a chance to improve their skills without getting frustrated or bored with their lack of talent- everyone gets a gold medal! 

Installing an ice rink at your own home is a great way to encourage kids to skate! KwikRink Synthetic Ice is happy to help you figure out the right size and shape rink for you. We’ll even help you figure out where to put it! 

Check out the fantastic residential rinks on our site for creative ideas of how you can build the home ice rink of your dreams — and contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice when you’re ready for a free quote.


indoor home ice rink in a garage or basement with synthetic ice

When it comes to indoor artificial ice rinks, most people think they could never afford such a luxury. Perhaps it would work in a professional setting, but a residential space? It doesn’t seem possible. 

Think again. Enter KwikRink Synthetic Ice! 

It turns out that indoor artificial ice is actually THE next big thing in ice sports. Let KwikRink Synthetic Ice help bring those indoor ice rink dreams back faster than Wayne Gretzky’s slapshot. Don’t miss out on such an amazing solution for your home or business. 

From Tucson to Two Harbors, you can install a KwikRink synthetic ice rink in any location, inside or out! Kwik Rink’s high-quality, artificial ice rinks will fit into any residential or commercial space.

Looking to remodel your unfinished basement, redo a three- or four-season porch, or even outfit your company’s empty warehouse? Let KwikRink Synthetic Ice help! 

Our rinks are custom-sized to your individual spacing needs. Their patented interlocking panels can be cut to accommodate any area, small or large. To see if a KwikRink indoor ice rink can be installed in your home or business, contact them for a free estimate!

home indoor ice rink in basement with stone walls and a father and child playing hockey

Benefits of Artificial Ice

Did you know that by installing an indoor artificial ice rink in your home, you can help your wallet and reduce your carbon footprint? It’s true! 

Real ice is complex and expensive to maintain. It also requires the proper temperature. Even cold climates don’t stay below freezing year-round. 

That, in turn, usually translates into your purchasing highly sought after ice time. Thoughts of having real ice in a warmer climate melt faster than the ice itself.

In addition, even if you live in a colder climate, costly refrigeration systems are needed to keep ice in a solid-state indoors. Even a small-sized indoor rink can cost upwards of $5,000 for proper HVAC, which explains why local ice rinks charge such high prices. 

Why pay for exorbitant prices at your local rink for ice time, when you could be the one charging others to pay for your indoor “ice” time! With a KwikRink indoor ice rink installed in your home or business, you are the one in charge. 

Compared to real ice, maintenance and upkeep costs of artificial ice are virtually zero. With just a few sprays of lubricant, your KwikRink is as good as new. Real ice wastes upwards of 12,000 gallons of water for a full-size rink. That’s the amount of water an average family of 4 uses per month

Our highly specialized materials require very little maintenance: no new material waste, water waste, or wallet pain. Synthetic indoor ice is another tool you can use to combat climate change. 

Our indoor rinks are cost-effective and are making your skating dreams into reality. No project is too challenging for our installation pros. Check out some residential spaces we have developed here. 

indoor ice rink in a home with yellow walls and a goalie target

How Does Synthetic Ice Compare to Real Ice? 


KwikRink Synthetic Ice’s expert design boasts an impressive 90% comparison rate to that of real ice. Start, stop, pass, shoot, and score your way into the best feeling artificial ice. Users of KwikRink happily report ease of glide and maneuvering and precision in all forms of stopping. 

Did we mention you won’t need a Zamboni with KwikRink? That’s right! KwikRink synthetic ice simply needs to be kept clean to keep the “ice” healthy.

We realize most residential homes won’t need a Zamboni, but your real homemade rink won’t repair itself. This translates into more water waste and time spent on unnecessary maintenance. A KwikRink synthetic rink won’t need this extra maintenance. 

Our rinks are also highly durable. Our thinner surface rinks have a 7-10 year lifespan, while our thicker surfaces have well surpassed ten years. Now that’s a guarantee you can take to the net. 

indoor home ice rink in a garage or basement

Why An Indoor KwikRink is Right for Your Home or Business


You’ve got the perfect place in mind. You’ve taken the measurements, and you know precisely the type of indoor ice rink you want in your space. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t let this opportunity push you offsides, contact KwikRink today. 

We guarantee all our products. If you aren’t happy with your indoor ice rink for some reason, we will work with you to find a solution. Our rinks are easy to install in any location. 

Our rinks are multi-functional too. They are predominantly used for ice sports but can be used for basketball, boxing, soccer, and tennis, to name a few. 

Also, we can provide your rink with all the accessories you will need. Fully deck out your indoor ice rink with everything from lines and nets, to dasher boards and plexiglass. 

Your rink could have everything a professional rink has. The best part is that you get to blow the whistle!

Our low maintenance and resilient rinks are guaranteed for up to 10 years. They are so durable; you can even park a car on them! We have over 30 years of experience so that you can trust our expertise in regards to all things artificial ice. 

KwikRink proudly serves all 50 states, plus five continents worldwide. Start bringing your artificial indoor ice rink dreams into reality. When the Blue Line meets your bottom line, you know it’s time for a KwikRink Synthetic Ice indoor rink. Give us a call today! 


young adults and teens playing ice hockey on a customized synthetic ice rink with nets, markings, and a basketball goal outdoors

Synthetic ice, or artificial ice, has been around for a couple of decades. With its invention, year-round skating is now as popular as ever. You can customize your synthetic ice rink to meet your ice project needs, with the designs and accessories that make it unique. 

There are many advantages to a synthetic ice rink, including increased ice speed and the ability to create the same skating experience as on weather ice, long life span, temperature regulation, and seamless surface. Synthetic ice rinks can also be both indoors or outdoors. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has installed hundreds of skating rinks at homes, businesses, and public places across five continents. They have developed a realistic ice surface for both recreational ice skaters and athletes. 

Whether your needs are for figure skating, hockey training, speed skating, or entertainment, KwikRink Synthetic Ice can be customized. Reach out to KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a free estimate for a home skating rink today. 

What does a customizable synthetic ice skating surface mean for you?

Seven Ways You Can Customize Your Synthetic Ice Skating Rink for Home Training or Professional Skating

customized synthetic ice rink deck with wood railings

Goals and Nets

No hockey rink is complete without hockey goals and nets. You may want two goals at the end of the arena to play or practice, just like regulation hockey. Another option may be to have one goal to practice your backyard game and sharpen your skills to aim at low spots. 

Goals include netting and pegs to hold the net in place so you can practice just as you are in a real game. No more hauling the goal from side to side or worrying about it moving with each practice shot. Simply put, it makes hockey practice convenient and realistic.  

Dasher Boards

Dasher boards are essential for keeping the puck in the rink. They are useful for figure skaters for spotting and stretching. 

Different options for dasher boards include shielding systems, edgeless options, and tempered glass or acrylic shielding. Appropriate glass and shielding allow for the reduction of injury when a player or skater hits the boards.

Aluminum dasher boards are an option and have been in the industry for decades. They are designed to withstand years of use and abuse. 

Shielding can be installed for the safety of the skaters. The good news is that there are various design options so you can customize your synthetic ice skating rink to your home or business’s needs. 

customized synthetic ice rink with ice markings and plexiglass

Colored Markings

Colored markings allow for better training with patented color-correct goalie creases, lines, and circles. Lines can be customized to the sport, whether it is hockey, figure skating, speed skating, curling, or another form of ice sport. 

Logos and advertisements can also be added to add color and appeal to the ice, show support to your team, and support local businesses. Think about it: how amazing would it be to have a backyard hockey rink with your favorite NHL team or local high school mascot? It is possible with customizable colored markings. 

Shooting Tarps

Shooting tarps are a fantastic way to practice your shot. Skaters can practice aiming for the top shelf or the goal tender’s five-hole. You can shoot full force shots into the tarp without having to worry about breakage or causing injury. 

With shooting tarps, you can set up practice in a way that fits your needs. One important tip is to make sure the tarp is tight and secure. 

You can set up a pile of pucks so they are ready to go and within easy reach. You are then able to practice repeat shots on each of the target holes of the tarp. 

You can choose where to aim, whether it be high to the right, low to the left, vice versa, or somewhere in between. Continuous practice on shooting tarps leads to perfection during the game. 

backyard synthetic ice rink with nets and center line

Netting and Plexiglass

You can protect windows and walls with high-quality netting and plexiglass. The protection ensures that pucks stay in the rink rather than ending up in someone else’s backyard. 

It is never comfortable to ask your neighbor for stray pucks at the end of the season or have them knocking on your door to return a bucket full of pucks.

Protective netting is worth the investment. Players can take as many wrist shots and slap shots as they want, shooting as hard and high as they need to for good practice. 

Netting and plexiglass can be customizable to the size of your synthetic ice surface. It gives peace of mind to customize your synthetic ice rink with netting and plexiglass to protect your property and those nearby. 

Training Aids

Additional training aids are available to customize your synthetic ice rink. Training aids can help improve skating, puck handling, and shooting. Included are beginner skating push aids, passer training equipment, or stickhandling balls. All of the training aids are perfect for very young skaters or beginners to practice and enjoy the skating experience alongside those who are more advanced. 

customized synthetic ice rink with training gear and banners

Synthetic Ice Panels 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels are low maintenance and resilient. Their ice surface can last for over ten years. The patented system makes installation and teardown easy and quick. They are installed and taken apart, just like a jigsaw puzzle. 

The synthetic ice panels are adaptable. They are easy to construct and can be made to size. You can add on or reduce based on the needs of your skater or rink. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice continuously works to improve its synthetic ice panels. Their fourth generation synthetic surface now features 90% of real ice glides. You can be ensured you’re customizing your synthetic ice rink to mimic skating on real ice. 

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice Today

KwikRink Synthetic Ice are experts in the field. They service not only nationwide, but rinks across the world. 

Design an arena that is cool, unique, and serves the needs of your skaters. Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a free estimate, and they can help you customize the perfect rink that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. 


two happy adults with ice skates outdoors

A good training regime is an essential element of success on the ice, but modern life can make it tough to fit in. As recent events have taught us, getting to the rink for your ice training is sometimes easier said than done. In these circumstances, you need an alternative plan of action: welcome to ice training at home.

Ice training at home offers you freedom, flexibility, and versatility. You can train when you want, for how long you want, as often as you want. 

There are, of course, some costs and expenses which come with the advantages. Most experts, however, would agree that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Interested? Read on to discover how training at home can transform your regime, and how KwikRink Synthetic Ice can help your dreams come true.

person with a hockey goal ice training outdoors

Why Train At Home?

Ice training at home comes with several advantages, and these include the following:


Unlimited Training Time

Whether you are a figure skater, hockey player, or ice dancer, getting the hours in is the only way to improve your practice. Communal rinks are, by their very nature, restrictive when it comes to access. (Especially with social distancing recommendations in place in many places!)

Most rinks have strict opening and closing hours. Even if you can book extra time, you will still have a limit on how long you can practice. 

In addition, a public rink will often require you to train while others are using the ice at the same time. A crowded rink can seriously cut down the time you have to spend perfecting your technique because you’ll have to make sure to avoid other skaters.

An ice rink at home, however, frees you from these restrictions. You will be able to head out whenever you work best — be that early morning or in the middle of the night. 

As a bonus, you can also train for as long as you need to. There is no need to fit your life around your training program. Instead, you can hit the ice at any time that is convenient for you.

The time spent traveling to and from the ice rink should also not be underestimated. If you live 30 minutes from the rink and train five times a week, the hours add up quickly. A home rink offers you an extra five hours in your week — almost a whole working day!

The freedom can be invaluable for practicing and perfecting moves, working with teammates, or going over techniques with a coach. Most importantly, your own rink puts you in charge of your training schedule. You will be able to fit in a quick workout at any time that suits you, and this means that the sky’s the limit!

No Restrictions on Training

As well as allowing you more freedom with your time, your own ice space offers greater freedom with your moves. A crowded public rink can make it dangerous to practice certain acts, figures, and techniques.

You can also find yourself fighting for space alongside other skaters and  working at a reduced output as a result. The mental concentration of watching out for other skaters can also diminish your focus on your sport.

Having the ice to yourself allows you to train the way you need to in safety and comfort. Whether you are going over a technique time and again or practicing speed and direction, you have the space to stay safe. 

Regular, consistent practice is crucial to improving at your chosen sport, and your own space is a key aspect of this.

hockey player training on ice

Cut the Costs

It may seem counterintuitive, but having your own rink at home can save you cash in the long run. As an athlete and committed skater, the chances are high that you will be putting in plenty of hours on the rink. Even if you secure a deal or discount — as many regular users are able to — the costs will still add up.

This ongoing expense may, over time, limit your training options. If you are watching the pennies, you may choose to cut out a visit to the rink ahead of another essential purchase. Even if you can afford to hit the ice regularly, this is nevertheless an expense that can take its toll.

While the initial cost of putting in your own rink may seem steep, it is essential to consider the benefits in the long-term. Once installed, the rink is yours to use whenever, however, and for whatever you want — there is no need to pay each time. Regular visitors are likely to find that they recoup their initial investment quickly, and once achieved, you can train for free (maintenance is easy!).

Enjoy Improved Results

Most home rinks will be made from synthetic ice, and this can actually have a positive impact on your ice training. As a rule, synthetic ice creates up to 10% more friction with your skate blades, causing your body to work harder. Over time, this means that your muscles will be enjoying more of a workout every time you train on synthetic ice. In other words, a synthetic rink helps to build strength and stability.

As a result, a synthetic rink at home can also act as a perfect complement to other training. You can work out confident that you are actively building greater strength by working the same moves. Over time, the results will show up when you need them the most.

person ice skating on outdoor rink

What Should I Know About A Home Rink for Ice Training?

Installing your own home rink may sound complicated, but you can achieve it with no hassle. There are two primary choices: permanent fixtures, which stay in place, or rinks which can be taken down and stored when not in use. Your decision will depend on your available space, but there are plenty of options for all budgets.

As we have discussed, synthetic ice is the most popular choice for home rinks. Not only does this offer improved workout results, but it is also more convenient and easy to handle. With regular care, cleaning, and maintenance, a home rink can be an investment to last for years to come.

Come To KwikRink!

Here at KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best results on the ice. We have developed a sterling reputation for excellence in the industry, and we can help you pick out the perfect synthetic rink. Get in touch today, and start boosting your training for the better.