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Whether you run a gym, an entertainment venue, or a training stadium, operating an ice rink is both rewarding and maintenance-heavy. Real ice requires constant conditioning, resurfacing, and temperature maintenance around the rink. 

It’s a time-consuming process that most would agree is only worth the effort for the joy it brings the hundreds of skaters in your area who live for a time on the rink.

It should be no surprise if you are looking for ways a synthetic ice rink can save money instead of spending time and maintenance on upkeeping a rink made of real ice. With KwikRink‘s seamless synthetic ice tiles, you can install a rink that will last for 7-10+ years with minimal maintenance – and a lot of opportunity to save. 

6 Ways a Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money

  1. Quick and Easy Installation

KwikRink’s synthetic ice tiles are easy to lay, connecting with a simple yet seamless Lock-Rink Dovetail design that creates a flawless ice rink. 

Installation takes far less time than you would need to pour, freeze, and condition a new rink – and once installed, your synthetic ice rink can save money and stay in that flawless condition for years rather than needing to be reformed every time the temperature rises.

Made of extremely durable high-density polyethylene infused with a conditioning formula, synthetic ice tiles provide 90% of the glide for 10% of the effort. Your artificial ice can also be assembled and disassembled easily for any occasion and even rented for events.

 2. No Need for Temperature-Controlled Spaces

If you are operating an ice rink in warm regions or during the summer, keeping your skating area cold enough to prevent ice melt is a major cost in AC alone. Synthetic ice panels do not require a low temperature to provide realistic glide. 

You can let the temperatures rise to a comfortable middle ground, and your customers can enjoy skating without coats and mittens because artificial ice works at any temperature. With AC as a major contributor to any facility’s costs, this change alone could allow a synthetic rink to save you money in utilities every year. 

 3. Say Goodbye to the Zamboni

Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money - The machine fills the ice on the skating rink for skaters

Running the Zamboni to resurface the ice every few hours is also a costly investment in real ice that is unnecessary when you build a synthetic rink. You can say goodbye to the Zamboni entirely and pack away that ice-polishing beast. 

The only maintenance your synthetic ice rink will need is to be brushed or washed clean occasionally. Outdoors, you can use a simple hose to spray off your synthetic ice (without worrying about uneven refreezing), while indoors, you can use the typical broom and mop approach. 

The highly durable tiles are easy to clean, saving you money by transforming your rink maintenance to that of a roller rink rather than demanding ice upkeep.

 4. Minimal Maintenance Downtime

Putting away the Zamboni also means keeping your rink open to paying customers and booking sessions more efficiently without these routine interruptions. Your guests will no longer have to clear the rink for several minutes every hour or two while the Zamboni polishes the ice surface, interrupting their skating experience.

This simple change can help you make money with a synthetic rink compared to an ice rink, as guests can book more rink time each day for games, private lessons, or free skate hours. 

 5. Book Outdoor Rinks Year-Round

Another great way a synthetic ice rink can save money is the freedom to skate all year outdoors. If you typically only offer outdoor skating during the coldest part of the year, it’s time to rethink your summer schedule. 

A synthetic ice rink will not melt in the sun and maintains its ideal surface even if your customers wear t-shirts instead of fluffy coats. With a synthetic rink, you can book outdoor rink time all year, and you don’t have to close down ice skating operations when the weather warms up.

 6. Draw Visitors from Nearby Towns

Defocused of indoor synthetic ice skating park with skating people.

Finally, a synthetic ice rink can save money and make money by increasing the draw to your venue for new customers in regions surrounding your city. When local ice skating enthusiasts hear a year-round rink available the next town over, booking a weekend is a natural choice. 

Whether they want to train in hockey or figure skating or relax and glide over the weekend, your synthetic rink has the potential to become a far-reaching community draw.

Improve Your Facility with a Synthetic Ice Rink

If your venue would benefit from the installation of a permanent or temporary synthetic ice rink, KwikRink is the leading producer of high-performance and seamless artificial ice around the world. Our dedicated founders and rink technicians can help you prepare the perfect all-season, indoor or outdoor synthetic ice rink that can save money and even increase the earning potential of your venue.

Contact us today to consult on the size, shape, and finish ideal for your artificial ice rink installation.

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If you are an athlete or coach, you will appreciate how synthetic ice rink offers several key benefits over natural ice. Synthetic ice is now the fastest-growing area of ice facility construction due to its unique combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Many professionals and college teams have either used a synthetic ice surface for practice or would consider using one if it was available in their area.

With the extensive range of synthetic ice and facility equipment options available from the hockey and figure skating shops, you can create your ideal training environment, ensuring your team’s success in training and preparation for competitions.

Moreover, considering the modern life distractions (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok) that undeniably take up most of any athlete’s time, introducing ice training at home is currently more advantageous than ever.

Therefore, whether you are a figure skater or an ice hockey player, you can take advantage of synthetic ice rinks. The current article examines what a synthetic ice rink is, its benefits, and how it could help you train to the best of your ability.

What is Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is made of VHMW-HDPE, or very high molecular weight high-density polyethylene, also known as artificial ice, and is a skating surface created of precisely interlocking panels often coated with polymer materials to mimic actual natural ice.

Synthetic ice rinks are a great alternative to natural ice rinks, especially for those living in areas without enough natural ice to practice. This makes it an ideal training surface because it can be used anywhere, at any time of the year. 

You can also install and customize an indoor or outdoor rink in your home. Synthetic ice rinks are completely safer for athletes than natural ice rinks. The ice isn’t cold enough to hurt you, so there’s no risk of cold-related illnesses.

This makes it ideal for athletes of all ages. Synthetic ice is popular among hockey players and figure skaters. Still, athletes from many different sports can use them for their training.

Benefits of Synthetic Ice Rinks

Skating city ice rink wintersports activity, abstract smooth texture background. Recreational leisure skatingclub fun backdrop

Although natural ice skating is good, it has drawbacks, like lack of availability throughout the year. Below are some advantages of synthetic ice as an alternative to natural ice.

  • Cost Effective

The cost of maintaining a natural ice rink is far more expensive than the cost of maintaining a synthetic ice rink. Synthetic ice rinks don’t need the energy to keep them running or compressors to freeze. Also, synthetic ice rinks don’t need humidity or temperature maintenance.

Therefore, you don’t have to dig deeper in your pockets to pay electric or water bills. Synthetic ice is also easy for coaches to transport and set up and doesn’t crack or break apart as natural ice does during outdoor storage.

Moreover, artificial ice uses UV protection and is self-lubricating. UV light protection helps to prevent discoloration and to maintain chemical stability. You also don’t need to resurface synthetic ice rinks after use. You only need a vacuum cleaner to vacuum any shavings left after continuous use.

  • Easy to Install

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor rink, it is easy to install, unlike traditional rinks with extra costs. Traditional rinks are dismantled once the winter is over and re-install when winter comes. This repetitive process of installation comes with bulk costs and overwhelming stress. Conversely, synthetic ice rinks only require one-time installation, which can last for years without quality reduction.

  • Highly Customizable

Synthetic ice rinks are made of interlocking tiles, which are customizable into any size to fit anywhere you would like them to be. Depending on your preference, these tiles may be small or big and can fit anywhere, whether you have a small or a big space. Therefore, as long as you have a flat space, whether big or small, KwikRink is there for you. 

Contact KwikRink for an estimate of your synthetic ice rink and install it for you to enjoy all year round. In addition to size customizability, you can create scenarios that would be impossible with natural ice. Examples of such scenarios include creating banked surfaces, curves, or inclines.

  • It can Be Installed Outdoors or Indoors.

Artificial ice rinks can be installed anywhere you want, outdoors or indoors. This is unlike natural ice rinks, which consume bigger space and can only be created outdoors in an open space. You can install your synthetic rink in your garage, basement, or deck.

How to Start

Girl just finished figure skating on a synthetic ice

Suppose you are a committed figure skater or a hockey player. In that case, it is time to create a dedicated space to accommodate your needs. If you want to improve your entire training, it is always better to optimize a small space.

Training ice hockey and ice skating in a small synthetic ice rink are always better than in a bigger one. You can practice and repeat the drills while reducing wasted time on bigger synthetic ice rinks.

Nevertheless, the essence of ice training at home is to become a better player or skater, so you only need adequate space to practice your skill sets. You can get more for less with a synthetic ice rink in your home. After all, the essence of installing a synthetic ice rink in your home is to minimize travel time and maximize your overall training. 

Saving travel time while getting more practice will assist you in training to the best of your ability to become a better ice hockey player or a skater. By utilizing synthetic ice training, you can quickly accomplish your goals without restrictions and in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, suppose you’re not interested in installing synthetic ice in your home. 

In that case, you can opt for KwikRink rink rentals, which are perfect for residential and commercial events.

Visit KwikRink Synthetic Ice

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we are committed to assisting you in getting the best outcomes possible on synthetic ice. Because of our exceptional experience in the business, we can assist you in choosing the ideal synthetic rink for you and installing it quickly and easily, whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to improve your training.

ice skater skating for fitness

Ice skating is more than just a fun activity — it’s an excellent way to get a full-body workout. When you have your own home ice rink, you can get a workout whenever you want one! The health benefits of ice skating at home are numerous and cover the full body — from head to toe. 

Keep reading to learn a few of the health benefits of ice skating at home!

And once you’re convinced that a home ice rink will help you achieve your fitness goals, contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a personalized quote. They will ask all the right questions to help make sure you get the synthetic ice rink of your dreams.

ice skater sitting on ice holding legs taking a break from health benefits of ice skating

What are the health benefits of ice skating at home?

Ice skating in any location is a great way to stay in shape. When you opt for a synthetic ice rink at home, you’ll be able to fit your workout into your schedule much more easily.

With your own synthetic ice rink:

  • You can work out whenever you want
  • There is no hourly charge for ice time
  • You don’t have to share the ice
  • You don’t waste time driving to and from the rink

No matter where you decide to ice skate for your health, your whole body will reap the benefits. Here are just a few of the health benefits of ice skating.


Builds Strength

One health benefit of ice skating at home is building strength. 

When you ice skate, your entire body is engaged. This full-body engagement means almost all your muscles get strengthened. 

If you’re skilled enough to do jumps, you’ll also have to have enough muscle and strength to do them. And if you prioritize speed over aerials, you’ll still need muscles to push off the ice and gain momentum.

Most notably, ice skating strengthens the muscles and tendons in your ankles, feet, and legs.

This strength will improve your athletic performance in other activities, of course. It also makes your ankles and feet less prone to injury, whether from sports or just landing on your foot wrong.

No matter what you use the ice for, you’ll gain muscle strength all over your body — especially in the lower body.


Improves Balance

Remember learning to ice skate? When you’re first starting out, the hardest thing about ice skating is learning to balance your entire body weight on two thin blades. 

As you get the hang of it, you begin to engage your core muscles to keep you steady. A stronger core translates to better balance off the ice — in your other athletic activities and your daily life.

Better balance also leads to better posture and helps prevent injury in all parts of the body. As you age, good balance prevents you from falling as easily.

When your body is balanced, you avoid putting stress on any one part of your body. Instead, you’re evenly distributing your weight so that no one joint, muscle, or bone gets overworked.

close-up of ice skates on ice with friends and family ice skating together for fitness

Elevates Heart Rate & Gets Blood Pumping

If you ice skate for any length of time, you’ll notice your heart working harder to pump blood throughout your body. This cardiovascular workout builds a healthier heart, in addition to burning calories, of course. 

Cardiovascular health is crucial for overall health. Since you need to get your heart rate up regularly anyway, why not have fun ice skating while doing it? 

And one of the best things about ice skating for your health is that your friends and family members can join you! When you work out with people you care about, you’re more likely to stick to an exercise regimen. And it’s always more fun to get fit together!

When you’ve got an ice rink right at home, it’s even more fun to skate for your health. A public rink is often too crowded for you to reach top speed safely.

But when you’re the only person on your home rink, you can zip and zoom without worrying about dodging other skaters. This freedom translates to a more efficient workout!


Burns Calories

Another health benefit of ice skating at home is a caloric burn.

Just like any exercise that gets your blood pumping, ice skating burns calories. If you’re looking to lose or maintain weight, a good session on the ice can help you meet your goals.

It can vary with the intensity of the workout and the person’s size, but Harvard Medical School estimates a 155-pound person can burn 210-311 calories in a half-hour of ice skating.

And remember: the more often you skate, the more endurance you will build up. With your own home ice rink from KwikRink, you can skate as often as you’d like. You’ll graduate to longer skating sessions more quickly than you would in a public rink.

Young woman ice skating outdoors on a pond on a freezing winter day

Boosts Mental Health

Mental health is part of fitness too! Ice skating is a fun activity that will help relieve stress and improve your total wellness, in both your mind and body.

If you enjoy ice skating, taking the time to do something that brings a smile to your face translates to better overall mental health.

When you ice skate with other people, you also benefit from the social aspect. Sharing a fun activity with friends or loved ones is good for emotional wellbeing.

Even if you’re skating alone, the activity is a great way to clear your mind. You might notice your problems exit your thoughts when you focus on each ice skate gliding across the ice.

Watching yourself get better and better at skating can give you a self-confidence jolt, too. 

Humans take pleasure in seeing effort and dedication pay off. You’ll likely see big jumps in your skill after just a few weeks of ice skating. That success can be inspiring and motivating in all of your goal-setting endeavors!

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice to Start Ice Skating at Home

The experienced team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice is eager to help you create the at-home ice rink of your dreams. 

KwikRinkSynthetic Ice tiles are customizable for any space and size — and for any training goals that you may have in mind. The easy maintenance and durability mean you can spend more time on the ice and less time taking care of it.

Contact KwikRink Synthetic Ice today to find out how easy and affordable it is to install a synthetic ice rink right at home.


boy practicing goalie blocking moves on ice

Are you sick and tired of being stuck inside? Does this period of self-quarantining and social isolation have you feeling down? We have a solution for you; it’s time for your very own backyard ice rink!

We know what you are thinking;

How can I have an ice rink in my backyard? Isn’t that expensive? And what about the maintenance?

Fear not, the professional and competent staff of Kwik Rinks has got you covered. We serve a nationwide customer base, and we are experts in all things synthetic ice. 

Times are especially tough right now. COVID-19 has completely taken over our lives and left us stranded in our own homes. With our help, though, you can turn your backyard into a near-winter-wonderland. 

child and parent preparing for ice rink

A backyard ice rink for your little skater

Do you have a budding pro-skater or hockey player at your house? What about a family that could use a new and exciting way to get in a little exercise? One of our synthetic backyard ice rink kits could be just the thing to turn those frowns on your little ones’ faces upside down.

Training at home on a synthetic ice rink can become a valuable part of your little skater’s regime. Especially now, when going to the gym is impossible. Your skater needs all the ice time he or she can get to maintain a competitive edge. 

Fortunately, a bigger rink is not always better. You won’t have to devote all of your outdoor space to a synthetic rink. With a smaller space, your skater can repeat a drill and correct his or her mistake while limiting the amount of time wasted getting, from point A to point B. 

What is the ideal location for a backyard ice rink?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question. 

Some of the places for your future rink include:

  • Garage- If you would prefer an indoor rink to an outdoor one, consider transforming your garage into a skating arena. 
  • Basement- Another ideal location for an indoor rink would be your basement if you have one. Chances are, you’re already using it as a rec or game room, why not use that space as a winter game room. 
  • Deck- Synthetic rinks always work best on hard, flat surfaces. If you have room on your deck, consider placing your backyard ice rink here. 
  • Driveway- If you have the ability to park somewhere other than your driveway, consider using this valuable space for a synthetic ice rink. Plus, if you have a garage, you can move your rink in and out to make it either an indoor or outdoor rink depending on the weather or your preference. Like decks, you’ll want a hard, flat surface, something like a plywood base under the rink.
  • Backyard- And, of course, you can always turn a portion of your backyard into the perfect practice rink for your little Nancy Kerrigan or Wayne Gretzsky. 

As an added bonus, any skater who trains on synthetic ice will have a leg up on the competition. Synthetic ice provides additional resistance, which will make your skater that much stronger. Give your kid every chance possible to succeed. 

Junior Hockey Player Handling Puck on Ice

Backyard ice rinks are not just for the pros

Skating provides many health benefits. It’s not just for those who participate in amateur or professional sports. And with your synthetic rink, you can stay fit year-round. 

The main benefits of a skating regime are improved stability, strength, and control. You will notice that these traits carry over into other sports and activities in which you undertake. 

Here are just of few of the benefits you and your family will experience with your synthetic backyard ice rink:

Better Balance

Ice skating is an excellent way to improve your balance. Sliding across and incredibly slick surface on two thin sheets of metal will help anyone become surer on their feet. 

Better Joint Flexibility

We all know the pain of stiff and achy joints. Ice skating is an ideal way to loosen your joints. The emphasis on quick foot and joint movements provides your legs with an excellent workout. 

You will notice an increase in your flexibility and leg strength in no time. Plus, skating is a lower impact workout than running. 

When you ice skate, you work almost every major muscle group in your body, especially your joints. 

Joyful parents ice skating with child

Build Up Your Leg Muscles

Flexibility is good, but muscle strength is vital when it comes to improved quality of life. Your chance of injury decreases when you build up your muscle mass. 


When it comes to heart health, cardio is critical. Aerobic exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and what better way to get your heart rate up than a couple of laps around your backyard ice rink? Skating is also a great way to build your endurance.

Stress Relief

When you engage in regular and frequent physical activity, like ice skating, you can battle the effects of stress. You will have fun and lower your stress levels at the same time. 

Mental Fitness

It is essential to work out your mind, as well as your body. With your new backyard synthetic ice rink, you will combat anxiety while you improve your physical fitness. Spend time with your friends and family, bonding in the fresh air. 

Work on Leadership and Character Traits

Through athletics and team sports, you can improve your-

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Decision-making Capabilities
  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Respectfulness
  • Responsibility
  • Humility
  • Compassion

childs feet in ice skates

As a parent, you should encourage your children to participate in all kinds of physical activities. They will learn and hone these valuable life skills, plus many more. 

If you are ready to spice up your quarantine, contact Kwik Rinks today. Turn your backyard into a destination with one of our synthetic backyard ice rinks. We are your best bet for synthetic ice.