figure skaters on a rooftop synthetic ice rink with a sunny Chicago skyline in the background

Are you thinking of adding a synthetic ice rink to attract more customers? Maybe you are wondering how beneficial it will be, how much you will actually use it?

Maybe you already have a portable ice rink, and you are looking for ways to expand it as an attraction. Are you wondering how you can expand upon an already great idea?

If you fall into either of these categories, congratulations, you’re in the right place. KwikRink Synthetic Ice is here with some great ideas to help make your synthetic ice rink even more popular. You will be amazed at what adding a few cool shooting targets or hosting some genuinely spectacular special events will do for your business.

Synthetic ice is an excellent and lucrative addition to any special event or promotion. KwikRink Synthetic Ice makes it easy with its rental rinks.

Consider renting a portable synthetic ice rink for your next event. If you are unsure if you would like to rent or own your rink, take advantage of the rent-to-buy program.

We will let you test out our rink on a month-to-month basis, allowing you the time to decide what you want to buy.

Contact us today to find out which option is right for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the whole process. We aim to make it as easy on you as possible.

But why do I need a synthetic ice rink, you may be asking. Let us tell you.

Spice Up Your Special Event

Add a little skating fun to your next promotion or special event with a temporary synthetic ice rink. Here are a few theme options that are sure to blow your customers away.

Winter Wonderland Rinks

Winter Wonderland

No matter the time of year, people love to experience the wonder of snow and ice. If the cold part is left out, even better.

Turn your next event into a glittery winter wonderland. Go all out with fake snow. Offer delicious frozen treats and snow cones. You can even have white cotton candy.

Decorate with fancy fake icicles and use white tablecloths and decorations. Your centerpiece, though, will be your fabulous synthetic ice rink.

The joy on the faces of your customers and guests will be all the proof you need to know that you made the right decision.

Christmas in July

…or August, or May, or whenever!

Bring a little Christmas cheer to your next gathering. You can buy synthetic Christmas trees or even make them from paper or wire. If one of your employees is game, have him or her dress up as Santa and allow the kids to express their Christmas wishes early.

You can serve hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Decorate everything with green and red to give it the right festive feel.

You can even name your temporary rink the North Pole for even more fun. The kids, both big and little, will love it!

synthetic ice rink surrounded by white fencing and trees wrapped in white lights

Skating Under the Stars

One way to kick your event up a notch is by having it at night. Imagine a well-lit and fabulous outdoor setting with a synthetic rink at the center. Your guests and customers will lose themselves in the whimsy as they skate hand in hand.

Add even more magic with strings of twinkle lights overhead. To extend the fun, consider using a projector to stream your favorite winter movies; bonus points if they are skating-themed.

Adults Only

Skating with the family is great, but sometimes moms and dads need a little break. What better way to bring your customers to you, without the kids, than an adults-only event.

What 21 and up party is complete without a few signature cocktails? Check out this list of winter-themed drinks that are sure to spice up any party.

Events and promotions aren’t the only reason to consider a temporary synthetic rink. This next one goes out to all the hockey aficionados.

Hockey, Anyone?

You can rent a temporary synthetic rink for hockey-themed events. Everyone will be able to connect with their athletic side and have fun at the same time.

Cool Shooting Targets

Combine athleticism and accuracy by having your customers or guests practice their shooting. Make shooting practice even more fun with these cool shooting targets.

If you are feeling creative, check out these fun DIY ideas.

hockey players starting across the ice inside a clearspan structure

Hockey-Themed Game Ideas

Hockey Uniform Relay
  • Divide into teams
  • Give each team one matching set of hockey gear
  • Once you start the race, the first person on the team must put on the entire uniform, run across the room and back, and take off the uniform
  • The next player repeats
  • Each player takes his or her turn
  • The team with the fastest time wins
Shoot It Up
  • Give each player a net and the same amount of balls or pucks
  • Have each player shoot his or her pucks or balls into his or her individual net
  • Whichever player scores the most goals at the end of the round wins
  • Extend the fun by turning the game into a tournament with a championship round
Beach Ball Hockey Race
  • Divide into teams
  • Each team gets a beach ball, a hockey stick, and a goal
  • Each player on the team must push the beach ball with the hockey stick into the goal
  • All players go in turn
  • The first team to go through all their players wins
Drill Areas- With Prizes!
  • Set up drill areas with referees on separate areas of the rink
  • Have all participants compete in each drill area
  • Have the referees keep everyone’s score at each area
  • Tally up the scores
  • The player with the highest score wins a fabulous prize!

Whatever type of event you are planning to have, one thing is sure–it will be better with a synthetic ice rink from KwikRink. Your guests or customers will have a great time, and you will be happy with the return business it brings.

Contact us today to see what we can do to help make your next event a success.

synthetic ice rink surrounded by white fencing and trees wrapped in white lights

The joy of a white Christmas is not a blessing everyone can experience. Lack of snow and cold needn’t stop would-be skaters from experiencing a winter wonderland in the form of an outdoor skating rink, though.

Living in warmer climates does not mean your business or community can’t benefit from an outdoor skating rink. Synthetic ice panels from KwikRink Synthetic Ice snap together in minutes, can be cleaned with a broom and a mop, and still provide the feel of real ice.

If you think buying a synthetic ice rink is cost-prohibitive, look into their rent-to-buy program. Renting a rink is a great way to test out the concept and then purchase the materials you need.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has set up rinks all around the United States for the holidays. Here are just a few that you can check out if you happen to be in the area.

See for yourself all the innovative ways businesses and communities have incorporated ice rinks into areas where you wouldn’t think possible. Then, give KwikRink a call to get started right away on your synthetic ice rink rental.

Farmington, MO

The Farmington Convention and Tourism Bureau came up with the idea of an ice rink to help draw business into the downtown area during the chillier months. The problem was that wintertime in Missouri still isn’t always cold enough for a traditional ice rink.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice to the rescue! Supplying a few pallets of synthetic ice panels that snap and lock together like puzzle pieces was the perfect solution. Throw in some decorative fencing and rental skates (though everyone can use their own skates as well), and presto–residents and visitors have established a new wonderful winter tradition.

To make this idea even better, volunteers from different organizations staff the rink each night. That means skating is offered to the public for free. The volunteer groups get to take a portion of the skate rental fees and refreshment sales back for their fundraising efforts.

Create a new winter tradition, offer charitable organizations a way to raise some much-needed funds, and revitalize a business community – now that’s a way to make a synthetic ice rink work for everyone!

Season: now through the end of February 2020


  • Monday – Thursday, 5-9 pm (through January 5 only)
  • Fridays, 5-9 pm
  • Saturdays, noon – 9 pm
  • Sundays, noon – 6 pm

Admission: $0, skate rental $2 or bring your own

Address:  Farmington Public Library

101 N. A Street (in the back parking lot)

Rink size: 112’ x 56’

Town of Dobson, NC

With average temperatures running between 30 and 50 degrees during the winter months, traditional ice rinks would be a bit of a lost cause in North Carolina. However, that didn’t stop the Town of Dobson from wanting to offer the traditional outdoor holiday activity.

They created an outdoor skating rink under an existing picnic shelter, and so far this season, they have received nothing but positive feedback on the venture.

They charge $5 for a 20-minute skating session, and that includes rental skates (visitors can also bring their own skates if they prefer). Visit Ice Skating in the Square for more info.

Season: now through January 19, 2020


  • Fridays, 5-8 pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays, 2-8 pm

Admission: $5 for 20 minutes, includes skate rental or bring your own

Address:   Dobson Square Park

110 South Crutchfield Street

Rink Size: 60’ x 24’

Holdmdel, NJ

Located in the Holiday Village, as part of the Magic of Lights event, a synthetic ice rink gives visitors one more reason to tour the lights, shop local businesses, and enjoy some traditional winter activities regardless of the temperature outside.

Over a million lights are on display, with themes varying from Sports to Christmas Around the World, to Enchanted Tunnels, that visitors can drive through. At the end of the light show, there is a Holiday Village with regional vendors and ice skating for all to enjoy.

A little rain or snow won’t mar the 60’ x 40’ surface, and the rink cleans up in a snap with a broom or mop if needed.

Season: now through January 4, 2020


  • Sunday – Thursday, 5-10 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays, 5-11pm

Admission: Check out Magic of Lights for ticket information

Address: PNC Bank Arts Center

116 Garden State Parkway

Rink Size: 60’ x 40’

Your Town, USA

These are just some of the ways towns and businesses are incorporating skating rinks into their holiday venues around the country:

  • Offering new attractions to draw visitors to existing business areas
  • Allowing schools, churches, youth groups, and other charitable organizations to benefit by volunteering to run the rink and contributing a portion of the proceeds to their fundraising
  • Adding a rink to an existing holiday venue to freshen up a tradition
  • Converting existing park and rec facilities into skating areas where none existed before

Warmer temps are no longer a stopping point for setting up these traditional holiday activities. Where environmental factors would have prohibited these ventures in the past, the use of synthetic ice allows for a unique experience making your venue or event stand out from the others.

Glide up to 50 feet on one stride, skate backwards, and move effortlessly through skating transitions. No topical additives are needed and therefore no oily residue either. Skating on KwikRink Synthetic Ice is just like skating on the real stuff.

KwikRink’s rent-to-buy program is a great way to test out the concept. They offer:

  • Custom-sized synthetic ice rink tailored to your needs
  • Decorative fencing
  • Rental skates
  • Skate sharpeners
  • Rubber matting
  • On-site supervision and installation

At the end of the agreed-upon rental period, you can then purchase the specific materials you need going forward.

Visit these wonderful holiday venues and then start working with KwikRink Synthetic Ice now to get your next Winter Wonderland up and running.

Male Hockey player taping a hockey stickWith around half a million registered hockey players in the USA alone, and the numbers continuing to rise around the world, it is clear that hockey is a sport that is growing in popularity. The problem with this growing popularity is the increasing demand for ice time.

Practice ice time is limited, and the traditional ice hockey rink schedules are already full. Higher participation numbers also mean the tryout process is more competitive, upping the skill levels needed to make it onto any team.

A hockey training center would alleviate these problems. It can be a fantastic attribute to your local community, a sound business investment, and will help to continue to boost participation and enjoyment in an already popular sport.

Thinking that an ice arena is too big and too costly an undertaking? Think again! KwikRink Synthetic Ice provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to natural ice that will fit any space. Contact us today to start imagining everything your training space could become.

Why ice hockey training?

Ice hockey is an exciting team sport, which is tons of fun. In addition, the training associated with hockey also boasts a wide range of health benefits and advantages for its participants.

Benefits achieved whether you are the star center for your local league or just looking for a more exciting way to stay in shape.

Enhancing communication and decision-making skills

The fast pace of the game requires speedy and accurate communication between team players. Excellent decision making and quick thinking are also needed to keep the game moving successfully. If that’s not enough, the endorphins released during exercise are also great for alleviating stress and anxiety.

Developing key reflexes

Hand-eye coordination is an important skill, and one significantly enhanced by playing hockey. Reaction times and overall balance are boosted. Reflexes, agility, and dexterity increase as well, thanks to fast-paced skating and passing drills.

Burning calories

The nature of ice hockey requires using short bursts of energy over brief periods. This quick acceleration burns an enormous number of calories in each match and training session.

Each player burns around 0.061 calories per pound per minute – a fantastic way to lose weight and stay in serious shape over an extended period! The skating and drills used in ice hockey training are similar to interval training, burning more calories and boosting metabolism.

Offering a full-body workout

Hockey is one of the best ways to provide a full-body workout.

It exercises all areas of the legs, such as hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves from the skating. Shoulder muscles, forearms, and triceps develop as well from the stick handling.

The sport can also improve bone strength, strengthen connective tissues, and increase your muscle mass, leading to a reduced risk of injury and better overall health.

Boosting the cardiovascular system

A healthy cardiovascular system

  • delivers more oxygen to your brain and muscles helping them to function more efficiently at all times,
  • stimulates the production of enzymes converting the food you eat into energy your cells can use, and
  • decreases your risk for other chronic illnesses.

Hockey develops muscular strength and boosts energy levels and stamina, helping to improve cardiovascular function in the long run.

Why a synthetic ice hockey training center?

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits that come from playing and training for ice hockey. The problem yet to be resolved, though, is the limited amount of space and time available for this training.

Hockey team members, as well as individuals with an interest in the sport, or those with a desire to reap the benefits of hockey training, will flock to a hockey training center. A unique business offering, a training center allows you to appeal to youth teams, adult leagues, and those looking for a new approach to fitness.

Traditional ice arenas can require massive amounts of space, are expensive to install, and costly to maintain. Synthetic ice offers a creative, cost-effective solution to each of these issues that can help to bring your business venture plans to life.

Fully customizable for smaller spaces

Unlike a natural ice rink, lubricated panels are tailored to your exact specifications, making it perfect for whatever shape and space you have available.

This customization means you are not restricted to full-sized hockey rinks but can create separate drill areas, resistance training spots, and other essential training sections for a comprehensive on-ice experience.

Lower capital investment

Synthetic ice is suitable for any climate and therefore does not require temperature-controlled enclosures during the warmer months or massive refrigeration systems to start. Fewer structural requirements and less equipment, mean lower initial capital outlay.

Lower operating costs

Melting ice requires frequent resurfacing with large pieces of specialized equipment. Underlying refrigeration systems often require annual shutdown periods for maintenance and repair.

However, self-lubricating synthetic ice panels do not require any type of resurfacing. The latest technology even eliminates the need for topical sprays. The only maintenance required is an occasional sweeping and mopping.

Designed to withstand professional hockey training regimens, these panels are resilient for up to a decade. This longevity will allow your business sufficient time to recover the initial investment before needing to schedule capital expenditures for typical wear and tear.

You need a hockey training center in your town

Full-scale ice hockey rinks are limited to the number of hours they have available for training and games. Most require annual shutdowns for maintenance as well, even further limiting their availability.

In the meantime, hockey participation rates continue to climb. There is a growing interest level at all age and skill levels. Even those with a casual interest in hockey, but looking for a fresh way to keep up with a physical fitness routine, are looking for spaces to train.

A new hockey training center would provide the solution. One utilizing synthetic ice with no required resurfacing, low maintenance, and material longevity would lead to lower on-going operating costs, resulting in higher profit margins.

Here at KwikRink, we have everything you need to start making your hockey training center a profitable reality. Get in touch today for a consultation and take your first steps towards that lucrative business venture!

Hockey is enjoying a boom in recent years. The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) reports that in the 18 states and the District of Columbia that play under NFHS rules, hockey participation is up from 44,669 players in 2017, to 44,933 players last year.

A surge in girls’ hockey programs since 2013 has resulted in record-setting female participation in the sport.  With more players of all ages and demographics seeking ice time, rink design that’s versatile, efficient, and flexible is a necessity for new and existing hockey programs alike.

The business-savvy synthetic ice rink costs from KwikRink Synthetic Ice make your hockey programming and business goals easily attainable. Call us today to begin custom-designing your state-of-the-art synthetic rink.

Synthetic Ice: a flexible alternative

Natural ice may have been the preferred hockey playing surface for generations, but synthetic ice allows for the exponential expansion of playing and practicing opportunities with a superior business model.

If you’re in a region where the weather is warm most of the year, a natural ice rink could be cost-prohibitive and environmentally taxing.

Regardless of the climate outside, indoor natural ice center owners must expend significant funds on creating the rink surface, as well as flooding, and freezing systems. They also must maintain the ice after freezing. That means extra dollars for Zambonis and the staff to run them.

Synthetic ice offers a lower-cost and low maintenance alternative to spendy indoor natural ice arenas. Custom-cut ice tiles lock together like puzzle pieces and boast easy clean-up and glide maintenance with simple spray cleaners and a wipe-down with a soft cloth.

With KwikRink Synthetic Ice, you can leave your ice rink set up for hockey and other ice sports 100 percent of the time, or you can place and remove your rink with ease for other recreational or community programming in your arena space.

Further, with synthetic ice, hockey entrepreneurs can opt for a non-traditional arena location, like converted warehouse space, community centers, gymnasiums, or other large multi-purpose venues.

Synthetic ice and natural ice quality match

Synthetic ice technology has undergone a revolution in the last decade. With new materials that eliminate the need for extra blade lubrication, skaters can lace up and go, just like on a natural rink.

As long as you maintain a clean skating surface, skater glide for hockey and other ice sports (like broomball, figure skating, and pleasure skating) is nearly identical to natural ice.

Skaters can sprint, stop, turn, shoot, and check on KwikRink Synthetic Ice just as they do on natural ice.

The small differential in glide between synthetic ice and a natural skating surface also creates a training effect in hockey players. Skaters will push off, stop, and turn with a slightly stronger muscular power stroke on synthetic ice, which develops more strength and stamina.

If and when a player has practice or a game on a natural rink after training on synthetic ice, their performance and experience will improve.

It’s a similar phenomenon to Olympic athletes who train in high altitude and compete at low altitude–they’ve got an edge over their competition because of their high-altitude physical adaptations.

More skaters, more ice demand

Skating of all kinds is emerging as a growing recreational activity, according to Grand View Research. Families with increased disposable income are looking toward ice skating as a fun and different way to hang out together, enjoy team dynamics, and compete with others.

Even though seasonal outdoor rinks in colder climes are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, their use is limited to a few months of the year. Indoor arenas are weather-independent and remain open and potentially profitable year-round.

Synthetic rinks make excellent business sense, especially for owners and managers of multi-use facilities.

Lower overhead, higher ROI

When a program director can assemble a rink of any size in minutes with no freezing time, she can run a hockey team practice for an hour a few times per week. When a practice is over, the rink comes apart, stacks, and stores for the next programmatic demand.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice tiles come apart and stack easily in an equipment closet or the corner of your programmed space. Throw a cover over the stacked tiles to keep them dust-free and gliding well each week.

Our highest quality ice tiles last up to 10 years when properly cleaned, so once you’ve invested your start-up capital in the tiles, there’s little extra cost to keeping a superior skating service for years of team registrations.

It’s easy to conclude that the ROI on a quality synthetic ice rink outranks that of natural ice. If your hockey program overhead is lower, it may also offer you more flexibility on the program fees you’ll charge in your market.

This flexibility could make your program accessible to a wider cross-section of players who may not otherwise have tried the sport. Growing your hockey audience by making the sport more accessible to different players creates a reliable revenue stream in uncharted hockey territory.

Expand your synthetic ice rink revenue with additional services

When you’ve opened your KwikRink Synthetic Ice rink, you have expanded opportunities for revenue. With hockey and other ice sports forecasted to grow in participation, opening a hockey program or arena makes sound business sense.

Providing skate rental, private and group lessons, other skating activities like open skating, figure skating, and broomball leagues add to your profit while keeping customers engaged and confident in their developing skating skills.

Your creativity and the people on your team have the freedom to innovate new ice programming as the seasons roll by. Chances to cater to your hockey parents while their kids skate, parties and events, and other community engagement tools offer still more revenue streams to your growing hockey empire.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice: Your partner in custom rink design

Whether you’re building a regulation ice arena pad from the ground up, or re-purposing a multi-use space, KwikRink is your partner in creating the custom synthetic ice rink that meets your business needs. Call us today to begin planning the rink of your future.

If you’re a hockey parent or relative, you know the equipment demands of the sport are endless. Between pads, gloves, sticks, skates, and more, hockey players go through equipment with each growth spurt if not every season.

The holidays can be an effective way to combine gifts your team member wants with items they truly need.

So from safety equipment to your own home ice skating rink–check out KwikRink Synthetic Ice for a sneak peek at that one–read on for the 10 Best Gifts for Hockey Skaters.

Drum roll please–the list

Check the following list twice for a hockey holiday for the record books. When in doubt about sizes, opt for a gift card in the value of your selected gifts.

  1. All the safety equipment. Holidays are the perfect time to refresh or resize your player’s equipment. Switching out pads, helmets, mouthguards, gloves, and any orthopedic joint braces or wraps will keep your player in tip-top shape for games and practices alike.
  2. Skates. If you know your skater well enough to discover their brand preferences and sizes, pick up a pair of skates to wrap for him or her to open. If your skater is further away and you’re not privy to her skating specifics, a gift card from Total Hockey or a local sporting goods store will do the trick.
  3. Skate sharpener. When you want a gift that fits every player all the time, choose a skate sharpener. Sharp skates give players an–ahem–edge over the competition. Help your hockey player skate their best with sharp skates, conveniently. We like the Sparx sharpener line. If you have multiple players at home, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a sharpener at your fingertips.
  4. Snipers Edge PassMaster. Once you have your home ice rink set up, your player may need a little help with drills. The Snipers Edge PassMaster acts like a second player to pass the puck back to you. This training tool works on any flat surface and performs well on KwikRink Synthetic Ice.
  5. Sticks, sticks, and more sticks. Sticks break, wear out, and generally get beat up all season. A few new sticks waiting in the wings is never a bad idea. Plus, when friends come over to enjoy your home ice rink, you’ll have enough equipment to go around. We like Pure Hockey’s selection at every price point.
  6. Hockey nets. It’s hard to play or practice hockey on your home ice rink without a net, so grab a couple to add to your reveal. Try Franklin Sports for an ample selection.
  7. A refreshment fridge. Having a small refrigerator rink-side allows your players to hydrate without any breaks in the action. We like Wine Cooler Direct for their selection and pricing.
  8. Anti-odor detergent. Any hockey parent knows how hard it is to stay on top of the notorious hockey stink. Stuff your players’ stockings with a hefty supply of anti-odor detergent. We like Rockin Green Activewear laundry detergent for super tough odors. Your family will thank you, and your players won’t scare away their practice mates and friends.
  9. A brand new bag. When it’s time for the whole team to gather for games and drills, your player will love a little swagger with a new hockey bag. Check out Pacific Rink for everything from a casual pond pack for a leisurely outdoor hockey afternoon, to their top-of-the-line pro hockey bags for your skater.
  10. A home ice skating rink. Did we drop enough hints about what this last gift idea would be? Every hockey player dreams of having his own ice, in a temperature-controlled paradise, with plenty of refreshments and a big screen TV steps away from the play or practice surface. Our best gift recommendation for the hockey player in your life is a custom synthetic skating surface from KwikRink Synthetic Ice.

Synthetic Ice: The best way to stuff a hockey player’s stocking

It’s a big-league dream, right? Only the pros could make this vision a reality. If you’ve got a garage, a basement rec room, a flat parking pad, or even a level yard outside, your home ice skating rink is just a few clicks away for the holidays.

Even though we admit you’d need a pretty large stocking, installing synthetic ice from KwikRink is just as easy as dropping candy treats into the socks hanging from the mantle.

Our custom-cut ice tiles fit together effortlessly like puzzle pieces, and stack and store in your closet, garage, or on the floor efficiently.

You and your elves can send your little Gretzky’s off to slumber, while you set up the rink. No tools required, just place the custom-measured-and-cut ice tiles on the floor and tap the seams until secure.

When the skaters come down in the morning, be sure to have your camera ready and their skates nearby to capture the oohs and aahs of your big reveal.

Whether you order a few square feet of practice space or a garage-full of ice tiles, you’ll be on the “nice” list for years to come with a gift of KwikRink Synthetic Ice.

Think a home ice rink is out of reach? Think again.

No matter where you live, work, or play, KwikRink has a Synthetic Ice System to fit your space and hockey needs. We custom-fit your rink to the space you have available, from a few small tiles in your home to a warehouse floor.

Our ice tiles are low maintenance, easily set up, and they break down and store effortlessly for nimble space conversion. All you need to keep the tiles slick is a spritz of spray cleaner and a wipe-down with a soft cloth. Make a hockey rink just about anywhere with KwikRink Synthetic Ice.

Contact us today for a free estimate and create a hockey holiday to remember.

home synthetic ice rink

Plastics were first used as a substitute for ice for skating in the 1960s. Synthetic ice rinks were made from materials such as polyoxymethylene plastic, developed by DuPont in the 1950s. In 1982, the first full-sized artificial rinks were produced with High-Density Plastics. They were completed using interlocking panels.

So, artificial ice has been around for a while. And, there were, of course, challenges skating on synthetic ice when it first came into existence.

Technological advances and higher quality products have resolved many of these challenges. Some, in reality, can make you a better skater for overcoming them.

With that said, if you are in the market for a high-tech, high-quality, synthetic ice rink, contact our staff at KwikRink. We can answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, let’s review how to ice skate on current, high-quality synthetic ice.

Use your regular skates

Whether they are figure skates or hockey skates, you will not need any unusual type of skate for use on artificial ice. Skates no longer dull as quickly with the latest synthetic ice technology.

Enhanced molecular structure and glide technology are essential to reducing friction which dulls ice skate blades. KwikRink’s latest formula finds that ideal combination of glide while still providing for just the right grip, creating the perfect conditions for skating.

This enhanced molecular structure and glide technology helps to cut down on friction and the need to resharpen skates as often as is needed with older, traditional quality synthetic panels.

Wear your regular clothes

Current self-lubricating panels require no topical sprays and do not ooze slip agent. No topical sprays or slip agents means no oily mess to stain clothes, costumes or uniforms.

Old assembly methods also meant flooring could move and slide over time. This movement would create gaps and uneven surfaces. New dovetail interlocking designs mean panels stay in place both horizontally and vertically. An even surface means nothing to catch or trip on, except, maybe your toe pick.

So go ahead and practice your butterfly saves or the closing move to your paso doble, no need to take special precautions with your clothing.

Skip the hats, scarves, wool socks, mittens, and parka

Synthetic ice does not require cold temperatures. So you could be skating anywhere from a traditional arena setting to a small in-home rink, to an expansive outdoor rink in the middle of summer.

You won’t need to wait until it is cold enough outside for the ice to freeze. No more being forced to practice when it is so severe or snowy that you won’t survive more than 20 minutes before needing a break in the warming house.

Leave the broom in the closet

No, we haven’t switched to the topic of curling — that was one of last month’s articles. Skating on inferior quality synthetic panels generates a considerable amount of abrasions and shavings requiring frequent sweeping of the surface.

With the latest technology, the panels are now self-lubricating, and the surface remains more intact, which means the broom doesn’t have to come out of the closet as often.

Leave the cleaners in the cabinet

Besides the broom, you can leave the cleaning products in the closet too. Higher quality products are designed to withstand the elements. No lubricants or topical sprays means the surfaces do not attract dirt and grime as quickly as older materials. Both have the effect of the rink staying cleaner, longer, as well.

An occasional mopping (or use of a floor scrubber on larger, outdoor rinks) will still be required, but KwikRink’s synthetic panels are designed to take the punishment of any hockey or figure skating regimen. Indoors or out, these rinks are designed to last up to a decade or more.

Practice all your regular moves

So, you can wear your regular skates, and you can wear your regular clothes, and yes, you can practice all your regular moves. From long glides to hockey stops, and spins to jumps off your toe pick, you can practice all the skills on synthetic ice.

It used to be that backward skating and transitioning were slowed down and unnatural on synthetic ice, but that is no longer the case. KwikRink’s 5th generation formula provides for 95% of real ice speed and a glide of up to 50 ft on one stroke.

Be prepared to become a stronger skater

Although KwikRink’s 5th generation formula provides for 95% of real ice speed, that does still mean that you will need to work a little harder to recover that last 5%. That, however, is a good thing.

The slight extra exertion required is like training with weights on, something almost every sports discipline uses. Training with weights builds extra muscle mass. Then, removing the weight will make repeating the same movement seem almost effortless.

Figure skaters may need to make the muscles work just a little harder to get up off the synthetic ice into that jump. That little extra work will then make them feel light as a bird when they return to real ice.

Hockey skaters may have to push just a little harder on a synthetic rink. But it will make them feel like they are wearing rockets when they start doing speed drills on the real ice rink.

Give it a try

If you haven’t skated on a synthetic rink recently, or ever, give it a try. Skate, drill, block, check, shoot, glide, spin, and jump just like on real ice.

When you’ve convinced yourself that it is a satisfactory alternative to real ice, check out KwikRink’s website. We’ve got tons of ideas on how to use synthetic ice rinks for commercial, residential, and rental applications.

Synthetic Ice Rent with Option to Buy Program

Have you ever thought about installing an ice rink? If so, you have stumbled upon a great way to increase revenue. The ice rink industry has seen an annual percentage growth of 2.6%.

In 2019 alone, the annual revenue for the ice rink industry was 883 million dollars.

Unfortunately, traditional ice rinks are expensive to install, run, and maintain. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, look no further than KwikRink patented synthetic ice rinks.

KwikRink has been in the synthetic ice business for over 20 years. We are a family-owned and operated business. We are passonate about providing you with the most realistic experience you can get next to real ice.

Our artificial ice rinks can be a beneficial addition to your business. If you’re looking to add an extra revenue stream, consider an artificial ice rink from our synthetic ice.

Let’s go over some of the differences between real and synthetic ice.


For the installation of conventional ice, you need thousands of kilowatts of energy, thousands of gallons of water, and liters of gas. On top of that, the maintenance process of conventional ice rinks releases high levels of CO2.

To install a conventional rink, you need heavy machinery. One unfortunate side effect of all those machines and workers is the high noise pollution they inevitably bring. On top of that, installation takes about a week.

Conversely, the installation of our synthetic ice requires no heavy machinery, water, or gas. Plus, we can install your artificial ice rink in one day!


Artificial ice rinks are much easier to maintain than conventional ice rinks. You don’t even need a Zamboni because synthetic ice is fully lubricated and requires no topical sprays whatsoever.

For an indoor artificial ice rink, you will need to perform very little maintenance. If your arena is an outdoor one, you might need a little bit more effort to keep it in top shape.

You will need to clean your rink periodically. Good old soap and water, with a good mop, should do the trick. For a larger rink, a small floor scrubber can take the place of that Zamboni.

Simple maintenance and yet still expecting a life-span of up to a decade or more — that’s a win-win.

Growing Market

Ice skating rinks are a growing market. Let’s go over some of the most likely businesses that could benefit from the addition of an artificial ice rink.

  • Public Skating

Turn your unused space into a revenue stream. Install a KwikRink synthetic ice rink and charge admission. Any chance to draw in an untapped market is worthwhile.

  • Shopping Malls

Malls are already a destination. Families are drawn to places that have activities for everyone. Attract even more customers with an artificial ice rink.

  • Sports Facilities or Gyms

The average person craves variety in their fitness plan. No one likes to be limited to a treadmill or maybe an elliptical. Provide the types of fitness diversity your customers want with a synthetic ice rink. Offer hockey or skating themed group fitness classes.

  • Training Centers

Conventional ice rinks are expensive to install and maintain. Most training centers might not be able to afford one. Go with the next best thing and install a synthetic rink.

  • University Sports

Competition can be fierce in college sports. Give your team that much needed edge by installing a synthetic ice rink for practice and training drills.

    • Intramural

The budget for intramural sports for most students is often virtually non-existent. Synthetic rinks are a more cost-effective option. A KwikRink artificial ice rink will allow those intramural teams to play and practice their sports without breaking the bank.

    • Student Centers

Student centers are great gathering places for your student body. Students can hang out and network while working up a sweat. It is a good idea to give some variety to the activities you provide them. They will be grateful.

  • Youth Centers

If college students crave variety and excitement, that goes doubly for teenagers, it can be difficult finding ways to keep them engaged and entertained. Install a KwikRink synthetic ice rink and watch the smiles light up their faces.

  • Skating Clubs

With KwikRink’s patented technology providing you with over 90% of the glide of real ice, our synthetic rinks are a great way to add some extra practice space. Turn any wasted or unused space into more rink. It’s a win-win!

  • Hockey Clubs

Hockey clubs can also benefit from a KwikRink synthetic ice rink. Our rinks are great for strength training as it takes just a little bit more effort to glide and turn. Your players will notice the boost in power and strength from working out on synthetic ice.

  • Summer Camp

Without synthetic ice, an ice rink at a summer camp would be almost impossible. Our synthetic ice can be installed and kept at any temperature. Summer camps would be an ideal candidate for artificial ice.

  • Sporting Good Stores

Are you trying to find a way to boost your revenue? Increase sales on winter sporting equipment by installing a synthetic rink that allows your customers to try before they buy.

  • Fitness Clubs

Fitness clubs are often smaller than traditional gyms. Space constraints have made the previously unheard of idea of installing an ice rink a real option. Consider diversifying your offerings by offering a like-real ice skating experience.

  • Theatrical Programs

Theater programs are always looking for creative ways to offer the best viewing experience. Our synthetic ice rinks can be easily assembled and broken down. With KwikRink, your next winter show will be truly spectacular.

  • Community Centers

Turn your town into a winter wonderland any time of year. Offer ice skating or community hockey as just one more way to bring your community together.

  • Hotels

We think a hotel is an ideal place for one of our synthetic ice rinks. Consider turning your roof into a skate park. Make it an amenity for your guest and charge admission to the general public. Your rink will pay for itself in no time.

At KwikRink, we want to help you make your business the best it can be. Install one of our synthetic ice rinks today and watch your profits soar. Contact us for a free estimate.

When most of us think of ice rinks, we imagine large arenas, filled with cheering crowds. We picture a vast expanse of ice upon which 12 hockey players battle for victory.

Or, we see a lone figure skater accelerating down the ice toward a series of impressive jumps and spins. Alternatively, we may picture a grand ice show with players and costumes and music.

We at KwikRink Synthetic Ice are here to expand your vision of what constitutes an ice rink. Contrary to popular belief, a functional ice rink is not limited to standard hockey rink dimensions.

We can have you skating year-round in a variety of rink shapes and sizes to fit just about any space.

Visit our website today and get started configuring the exact amount of ice you need for simple setup and skills and drills practice on any flat surface. You’re just a few clicks away from gliding, scoring, and triumph on your very own ice.

Synthetic Ice–not just for hockey stadiums any more

Natural ice may never go out of style and fans will still flock to large arenas to watch their favorite winter sports. However, you can now have ice at your disposal any time of year, even if you don’t have the full 200’ x 100′ hockey rink dimensions available.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice makes it possible to have a convenient span of ice that assembles, comes apart, and stores with ease. Our interlocking puzzle-piece design and variable-size ice tiles make synthetic ice fully adaptable to the space you have.

We create ice in both commercial and residential settings on any budget and for many purposes.

Are you practicing drills? A few square feet of ice are all you need.

For the competitive hockey player to the weekend hockey enthusiast, try setting up a small KwikRink Synthetic Ice rink in your basement, garage, or office.

You can work on many of your foundational skating and stick drills with a surprisingly small area. If you have a garage floor or basement you can clear out; a skating rink will fit right into those dimensions.

A small space like this is ideal for practice on:

  • Starts
  • Spins
  • Turns
  • Stickhandling
  • Shooting
  • Small area games
  • Passing
  • Puck drills

If you add a goal to one end of your small rink, you can use the space for partner drills, defense, shooting precision, and stamina. Players can take turns on defense, offense, or as goalies, or create scoring or puck games and drills to build skills while having fun.

In a figure skating application, a small amount of synthetic ice is ideal for practice with many figure skating skills. Because synthetic ice produces a bit more resistance than natural ice, many figure skaters find they develop more strength and stamina for footwork, turns, and jumps.

A small ice space promotes focus on perfecting the details of skating, like body placement, balance, edging, and toe picks.

Small and medium ice rinks offer a wide variety of programming potential

If you have a larger space than a garage but a smaller space than an arena, you can still create a multi-functional ice rink for a variety of uses.

Spaces like gym floors, cafeterias, warehouses, multipurpose rooms, or even back yards or parking lots that are flat convert to synthetic ice in a snap. (Literally, the ice tiles snap together.)

If you’ve wanted to launch a hockey or figure skating program, but you don’t have access to natural ice, we can solve that problem easily at KwikRink Synthetic Ice.

Our ice tiles connect effortlessly to convert your gym or cafeteria floor into a budding hockey program or figure skating fundamentals class. These spaces are ideal programming areas in churches, schools, or community centers.

In a flash, you’ve got a use for unused space, as well as a community-building opportunity that may also serve as a revenue stream for your organization.

Make a large rink out of any ample space

Finally, if you DO have access to an area which can accommodate full hockey rink dimensions, but not natural ice, KwikRink Synthetic Ice has you covered.

Open warehouse space makes a fantastic spot to lay down our synthetic ice tiles. Depending on the thickness and type of assembly you choose, your ice can remain in place semi-permanently, or pack up and store with ease.

Our thicker, half-inch ice tiles offer a more durable rink that lasts for over a decade. These tiles are designed to withstand the rigorous training of competitive hockey and figure skaters.

If you can leave your ice tiles in place, try selecting larger tiles. Large tiles mean fewer seams and speedier cleaning. If you know you’ll need to swap out your rink for other activities; smaller tiles may be a better option for easier installation and storage.

Custom space, custom ice tiles from KwikRink Synthetic Ice

Now that you’ve expanded your vision of all the places in which an ice rink can fit, it’s time to customize your rink.

We love working with unconventional spaces to make them into functional ice havens any time of year. We can even convert an empty, single-level pool into an ice rink!

Whether your space is small, medium, or large, irregularly shaped, indoors or outside, we can create a rink for you. The only requirement is the ice surface is level. Parking lots, open fields, and driveway pads can all convert to short-term, seasonal or year-round synthetic ice.

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, our professional staff will consult extensively with you to create and install your rink.

We’ll help you determine the ice-tile size and shape that will work best in your space. We will also define the tile thickness and assembly that will fit your budget and storage needs.

Call KwikRink Synthetic Ice today and get started configuring your space. Our professional staff is standing by. We are ready to outfit your home, school, church, parking lot, warehouse, and so much more with ice you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Is an underlay for my new synthetic ice rink necessary? Well, this depends on a lot of variables. It is very important that the synthetic ice panels be laid on top of a hard and flat surface. In this article, we will dive into three categories that all sub-floors fall into when it comes to the necessity of having a synthetic ice underlay; no underlay, simple underlay, and advanced underlay.

No Synthetic Ice Underlay

When no underlay is needed for a synthetic ice rink, it tends to be in an inside space with a very flat and hard sub-floor. We also see this outside on sport courts that were done correctly by the contractor. These are any floors with no flaws.

  • Indoor rooms/basements
  • Sport courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Leveled decks

Simple Synthetic Ice Underlay

A “simple underlay” is needed when the sub-floor has some flaws, but is mostly hard and flat. Undulation in the sub-floor is the biggest reason for a simple underlay – most of these surfaces are still hard (concrete,asphalt, wood, etc.). This can require something as simple as using 3/4″ OSB tongue and groove plywood. The plywood is very flat, and will provide extra forgiveness in a flawed sub-floor. Rubber matting can also be used as an underlay for your synthetic ice panels in these type of scenarios.

    • driveways
    • parking lots
    • streets
    • on pavers

Advanced Synthetic Ice Underlay

An advanced synthetic ice underlay is necessary when hardness of the sub-floor is not up to par and/or the sub-floor is very un-level. These tend to be a little more work, as these have the worst sub-floors to place synthetic ice panels on. The best ways to remedy this is to pour a concrete slab (like a sport court) or build a raised wooden deck. The deck platform does not have to be very high off of the ground, but does need to be made level.

  • grassy areas
  • some parking lots
  • turf
  • carpet

Synthetic ice rinks are possible anywhere with the right sub-floor. It is important to assess to which degree a synthetic ice underlay is necessary for optimal performance of the skating surface. Often times, no underlay is needed at all. Don’t fall for these added costs from other suppliers…We will help you determine the best underlay treatment for your synthetic ice rink!



Are support beams or other obstacles stopping you from adding synthetic ice to your home or commercial space? it shouldn’t! We work with several clients that are hesitant to add synthetic ice due to support beams, “jut-outs”, or odd shaped exterior dimensions, in their potential space. At KwikRink, we have the capabilities to custom cut your synthetic ice rink to exact specifications. As a wise man once said, there is always a way! Often times, we find that these obstacles work as training aids, creating better hands and agility.

Support Beams

With proper on-site dimensions, we can have our expert programmers devise a CAD tailored to your space. When working with support beams, it helps to work off of two adjacent walls to nail down exactly where the support pole(s) line up. The goal is to always have the supports lineup on the seam of the synthetic ice panels. This allows the client to make a nice and neat cut around the support pole, without wasting excess material.

Spaces with “jut-outs”

In any scenario where a room has portions that “jut-out”, have no fear, as there are easy ways to work around these obstacles, as well. Any small obstacle like this is best dealt with on-site for the tidiest cut possible. If necessary, we will also line this up on a seam of two connecting panels, but often times we do not need to do this. We recommend using a skilsaw with a 24 tooth blade for cutting around the obstacle. The synthetic ice will cut like butter – no problem!

Odd Shaped Rooms (Exterior)

This has been discussed in other blog posts, and you can click here for more information. When filling a hard room in wall-to-wall, it is quite rare to find that some amount of customization is not needed. Our machines are very precise and can save you a lot of money in a custom space. We can send you your rink with precision cuts to the exact specifications of your room. All you will need to do is simply connect the panels, like a giant puzzle! Most home synthetic ice rinks can be installed in 20-30 minutes depending upon the amount of on-site cutting involved.

Don’t let on-site obstacles stop you from your dream synthetic ice space. These types of obstacles are common, and can potentially be seen as a plus rather than a negative!