KwikRink Synthetic Ice has the best glide of any synthetic ice on the market — 90% that of real ice. These panels also offer the perfect balance between hard and soft. This is important as a surface that is too hard will dull skates faster, and a surface that is too soft will increase friction.

There is no need to add any type of topical lubricants — both the HOME and PRO versions of synthetic ice are self-lubricating using our proprietary glide additives.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels are durable — so durable you can park a car on them! With regular use and proper maintenance, these rinks can last in excess of 15 years. And maintenance is easy, too.

You can configure KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels to fit in almost any space. Natural rink sizes come in multiples of 4’ x 4’ or 8’ x 4’, while the option for complete size customization is offered using high precision CNC machining techniques.

Anything you can do on real ice, you can do on KwikRink Synthetic Ice. Play hockey, figure skate, speed skate, leisure skate…you can do it all! With 90% of real ice’s glide, KwikRink Synthetic Ice gives you the most similar experience to skating on real ice of any synthetic ice on the market.

Yes! You can add goalie creases, faceoff dots, lines, nets, boards, plexiglass, or anything else you want. And of course, you can customize the size and shape of your KwikRink to fit your space.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels are incredibly low-maintenance — in fact, they’re much easier to care for than a real ice rink! Regularly sweeping or cleaning off debris and occasionally taking a wet mop to the panels is all that’s needed to keep your KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels performing at top quality.

Installing KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels is easy. They fit together like puzzle pieces using our patented interlocking technology. All you need is a rubber mallet to install your rink. The finished surface is virtually seamless for a smooth, easy glide.

No, you can skate on KwikRink Synthetic Ice at any temperature. Many of our customers use their rinks year round, indoor or outdoor. Some customers choose to install a rink in their city parks or convention center for the winter months, while others install them on cruise ships or lakeside decks.

Yes, you can practice any skill that you can perform on real ice. With 90% similar glide to real ice, you can gain speed, start, stop, and land just like you would on real ice.

You can put KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels anywhere you have a hard and flat surface! Some popular choices are garages, basements, pole barns, and backyards — but your imagination is the limit.

In addition to using a very high density plastic (VHMW) that makes the synthetic ice panels durable yet affordable, KwikRink uses a unique and proprietary glide additive to the product. Up to 50% more glide additives (self-lubricating ingredient) are used than what you will find in mainstream competing brands. This does raise costs slightly, but also results in a more realistic performing surface.


In addition to setting the industry pace for product performance as measured by speed and quickness, KwikRink Synthetic Ice® is extremely durable. Our product is built specifically to withstand the competitive nature of hockey and figure skaters, as well accommodating recreational skaters.


EXPERIENCED: We've been involved in the synthetic ice business since the mid 1990s.


HIGH-TECH: We are constantly improving our product. Our 4th Generation surface features 90% of real ice's glide.


GLOBAL: KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can be found on 5 continents across the world.


DURABLE: Low-maintenance and resilient for up to 10 years.You can even park cars on it!


EASY: Our patented system makes installation and teardown as quick and easy as a jigsaw puzzle.


ADAPTABLE: A rink of any size is easy to construct and add onto.