Turn your home into Hockeytown with a custom synthetic ice rink.


Get a general idea on what to expect for pricing based on the size you need.

What different surfaces do you offer?

KwikRink Commercial 3rd generation & 4th generation in 3/8", ½" or ¾' thick by special order.

Which surface is the fastest?

Both generations are very close, but the 4th is the fastest. Fantastic feel on the 4th generation.

How does KwikRink feel compared to real ice?

We consider our top product to be about 90% of the speed on real ice. It is this slight resistance that makes KwikRink a great training tool with an exceptional ice like feel.

Can I do a hockey stop?

Yes. You can perform any maneuver that you can on real ice.

Does temperature matter when it comes to skating on the KwikRink?

No. It can be outside in hot or cold climate, - no problem

What is the life span of KwikRink?

3/8" thick – 7 to 10 years. ½" thick – 10 years +