Highly-realistic ice surface for competitive athletes and recreational skaters.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice Pricing Configurations

KwikRink V synthetic ice panels are 3/8" or Heavy Duty 1/2" thickness. Panels are solid synthetic and typically yield 94" x 47" or 47" x 47" for the dovetail panel.
Panels may be custom cut to size in our shop depending on the application.

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Want to turn your synthetic ice rink into a full-fledged hockey arena? No problem. KwikRink is your one stop shop for the complete ice skating experience. We competitively source and supply a wide variety of accessories for your KwikRink Synthetic IceĀ® Rink.


GOALS AND NETS: No rink is complete without regulation-size ice hockey goals and nets.


DASHER BOARDS: Keep the puck in the rink and personalize your ice with dasher boards.


COLORED MARKINGS: Train better with patented color-correct goalie creases, lines and circles.


SHOOTING TARPS: Practice your shot with a shooting tarp. Aim for the top shelf or the goaltender's five hole!


NETTING & PLEXIGLASS: Protect your windows and walls with high-quality netting and plexiglass.


TRAINING AIDS: Additional training aids to improve your skating, puck-handling and shooting.

We also source and supply ice skates and skate sharpeners for your convenience. Call us toll-free at (888) 275-2345 to complete your rink!

often imitated,
never duplicated.

In addition to setting the industry pace for product performance as measured by speed and quickness, KwikRink Synthetic IceĀ® is extremely durable. Our product is built specifically to withstand the competitive nature of hockey and figure skaters, as well accommodating recreational skaters.

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common questions about KwikRink Synthetic Ice


How does KwikRink feel compared to real ice?

Our top product is about 95% of the speed of real ice.


Can I do a hockey stop?

Yes! You can practice any skill that you can perform on real ice.


Does temperature matter when it comes to skating on KwikRink?

No, temperature does not impact performance.


What is the life span of KwikRink?

3/8" thick = 7 to 10 years. 1/2" thick = 10 years+


How do I install my KwikRink?

They fit together just like a puzzle. KwikRink's proprietary Lock-Rink assembly assures a virtually seamless surface.