When it comes to buying synthetic ice, we understand that there are many different choices for consumers in today’s market. You need the right synthetic ice that will always keep its glide, is easy to assemble, and will last for long term use. Not all brands can promise you their synthetic ice won’t fail you.

That’s the difference between KwikRink and these other brands. Since the mid-1990s, our mission at KwikRink Synthetic Ice® has been to provide our customers with the most realistic synthetic ice surface available. There is a reason why we have been the trusted name in synthetic ice for two decades.

The most common consumer complaints in the industry have to do with surface glide, backward skating and transitioning, and oily panels. Other brands completely fail to address these issues.


KwikRink V PRO is our latest premium surface. It takes our original self-lubricating KwikRink V formula, but with a 20% increase to our proprietary glide agent. The premium KwikRink V PRO formula is a fully lubricated surface that requires no topical sprays whatsoever. The slip agent will not ooze out of the surface and run dry in a few years, like many “self-lubricating” panels sold on today’s market.


When manufacturing a synthetic ice formula, the glide additive (makes it slippery) is the single most expensive ingredient in the manufacturing process. If all other ingredients were equal with competing brands (they aren’t – but let’s give them that break), the biggest difference would be in the quality and quantity of glide additive used in the manufacturing process. The short of this is that we use up to twice as much as competing brands. This makes our prices slightly higher, but competitive, with a superior product. 

Let’s actually compare a major brand to the KwikRink V PRO model. 

WHY IS KWiKRINK V PRo iS better than BRand X?

You can clearly see that KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can accommodate you with the best Synthetic Ice on the market. It’s quick and easy to install a synthetic ice rink anywhere to provide you the real ice glide you need. We can include a ton of options to customize.

No matter where you live, KwikRink Synthetic Ice® can accommodate your home. Like a basketball sport court, installing your synthetic ice rink is quick and easy.



Often needs a lubrication added as the self-infused panels do not have enough additive internally

Does not offer any customization - everything is streamlined

Brand X offers panels at a smaller size with no reduction in cost. Every inch matters for smaller home rinks!

Poor Customer Service - emails and calls often unanswered.

Brand X resells and private labels a premade surface under their own name.

KwikRink V PRO is a fully self-lubricated surface that requires no topical sprays whatsoever

KwikRink offers complete customization; odd shaped rinks, custom markings/logos, dasher boards, plexi-glass, netting, etc.

KwikRink has panels up to 10% larger . This adds up by the square foot over a larger surface!

The team at KwikRink will always take your phone call, answer your email, or msg. Customer service is what we built our company on.

KwikRink manufactures their own surfaces and formulas in the USA.

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The KwikRink Synthetic Ice® Lock-Rink system of connection includes 4 x 8 ft. sheets of smooth, lubricated plastic that dovetail together like puzzle pieces. A rink of any size can be installed, be removed and added onto in no time. 

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